When your color frequencies are dimmed down or blocked from resonating, your body is influenced in a negative way, and consequently multiple aspects of your life are affected, your Mental body becomes confused, over reactive and thoughts become exhausting in frequency, your Emotional body becomes unbalanced, fearful, sad, your physical body lacks energy and eventually becomes dis-eased. Overall a lack or imbalance in your energy field results in an unnatural way of living life.

Working at the Energy levels using Crystals before an energy block becomes physically reflected, should be taken in consideration as part of a healing process.




Just like we shouldn`t wait to take a shower until we lose our sense of smell, or we shouldn`t wait to get fat to have a reason to go to the gym,..... we should consider working on our Energy before our body starts hurting.  


It is scientifically demonstrated that crystals vibrate at the same frequency as humans - such that the resonance between the stone and the human either combats the vibration of the illness or amplifies that of health.

In my treatment process, as a Crystal Energy Healing Practitioner, I use the quartz crystals and gemstones  to help amplify and balance the energy of a body, keeping the healing Space clear of low frequency influences, and also to assist in channelling universal life energy.

To keep the energy that you are gaining in a Crystal healing session, you will be recommended crystals to work with  so your Energy Flow, Balance and Purpose will become part of your daily lifestyle: Crystals to wear in jewellery, Crystals to charge your water with, Crystals to place in your space – office and home.

Your space is as important as your body, a healthy body/mind/spirit manifests full freedom and health in an harmonious space. In order to keep the energy of your space at it`s optimum level, bringing peace, understanding and cooperation between people present in it, you will be receiving personalised counselling about crystal maintenance and display.


As part of the session`s flow, mediumship, spiritual messages from guides and guardians, along with past life impressions and lifestyle counselling, are included and performed according to your needs. 

NOTE that all Crystal Healing sessions include an Aura picture before and after the session so you can see your body`s energy, your Chakra alignment and the changes that are happening after the healing. 


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