The Crystal Healing Meditation is a Personal Method based on my Teaching experience working with people for over 7 years.

In my Meditation Practice and Teachings I am using Crystals to support the energy field of a body, calm the mind and make the intention of healing easier to be used and more effective.

Besides the support of Crystals in the Grounding process and along with that the physical body healing, Crystals are our best Guides in the process of Energy healing. As you are finding your mind in a mild trance state and your brain hemispheres are balanced, you are able to focus your thoughts in order to create your reality.




When we work with Crystal Healing Energy we create our reality, we project our intention and amplify it with the Crystal frequency, so our reality will follow through manifestation.

Meditating with Crystals is not about seeing your future, it`s about CREATING IT!

With all the details of the above in mind, I have created AN ORIGINAL MEDITATION SERIES, it is the 7SERIES Manifestation and it always takes place in 7 consecutive Mondays, every other Month, as there is a need for 7 weeks to complete one series. 

The Manifestation process, is not about pulling rabbits out of hats, not about making things disappear, not about making people appear, not about any kind of extra-ordinary at all, for the extraordinary is the PROCESS OF LIVING in itself, the Process of experiencing your life reality as you go thorough it, or better, as you learn how to FLOW through it, to remove obstacles, to LET GO of what is not serving, and to RECEIVE what is given to you, to build forward. 

The process of Manifestation is a daily life of Flowing energy, and it does INVOLVE your ENTIRE ENERGY SYSTEM. It is a complex work that takes the best out of you just to show it into reality, whatever you get to manifest is a part of who you are, it is a mirror of your power to express yourself into the world.

If at any point in your energy system there might be a blockage, a density that is narrowing the path or stopping the flow, your manifestation process will END without results. Also if at any point in the process you ''give up'' building on the energy of your dream, the process results in a failure, your being tends to create a blockage by not trusting the process anymore, closing down into disappointment and dis-ease. 

Manifestation work, just like any other cycle process, requires STABLE RHYTHM, FREQUENCY, COMMITMENT, reason why we chose to teach this EVERY Monday (Moon-day) with the frequency of the moon energy that starts the entire cycle of our week, EVERY WEEK... 




The Meditation space provides a surrounding Salt Lamp atmosphere, essential oils diffuser, large Crystal pieces arranged in Space Grids, that keep the air clear and energetically clean, so your body can experience a high frequency meditative state.


Meditation cushions and blankets, Crystals to work with, informative material, Crystal charged water and teas are available to add to the comfort and cosiness of human connection. A group of like-minded people that chose to have an energy experience together, is a powerful tool that adds to the Common Consciousness evolution, and significantly enhances personal experiences and life changes!


CONTACT me for details! 

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