Drink Love, Be Love!


Don`t look any further! Here is the Love you were looking for, and also the Love that you haven`t felt in a while, for yourself and others.

The Highest Vibration in the Energy world, Love is all we need to live a Happy, Balanced and Purposeful Life!


Physical benefits of the infused water – Immune System strengthener, lungs, heart,  supports breasts health.


ROSE QUARTZ – softness, Love, self-care, nurturing, connection, attracts soul-mate relationships.

CLEAR QUARTZ – amplifier of energy of the other stones that it`s placed with. Brings in healing and Alignment.

CrystalYnFUSION - All You need is Love

  • Please RINSE the bottle throughout before use. The water you use is your personal option, it can be filtered, alkaline, source water or reverse osmosis. The product is intended for water only.

    Wash the bottle and rince the Crystals regularly to maintain healthy use of the product, and clean maintenance of the Energy of the Crystals. 

    Fragile, handle with care.

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