Blinging Love and Light ...


When I talk about Love, I mean GROUNDING, I mean the genuine Soul  Connection with this Planet and the fair exchange of energy that results.

The fair connection means that the Spirit of the Earth is giving you the life force and the regenerative power that you need, and in exchange you are contributing to the support, protection, healing, communion and respect of the grounds that you walk on as your source of life! 


When I talk about Light, I talk about the color of your Soul, as the Light contains in it`s nature the entire spectrum of frequencies, all possibilities, all choices, all chances, all that is, in a Universal Complexity that is contained in your very essence. You are, and always will be, Light, and your ability to shine that is equal to your ability to remember that you, from the centre of your being, and with infinite Love, can and will change this world, can and will fight for it, can and will show unconditional connection with the Truth!


Be Love, shine Light! 

NO matter what happens in your life, remember that the only thing you have is the Present moment and you DO have Control over your choices.

Act like a Master Healer, act like the Light that you are and re-mind yourself, "this too shall pass", nothing has power over your Heart and your ability to move forward into better days. 


These Bracelets are made of: 

Pyrite -sacred symbol of Magic and Manifestation

Herkimer Diamonds - Peaceful, Release, Attunement

Clear Crystal Quartz - Master Healer of all Energy Field, All Chakras. 

Lava Stones - Phoenix Stone of rebirth through Fire 


BY REQUEST - I can create a bundle with this set and a Re-charge Crystal jar, containing stones that carry the same frequency as the one of the Bracelets. Ask me about details and pricing. 

Blinging Love and Light...

  • 3 Bracelets, 1 Double strings, and 2 simple strings, 4, 6 and 9mm beads. 

  • note*** these bracelets are ONE OF A KIND. Once sold, similar sets can be created but the accent stones and the charms will be different, and those elements are setting in stone the Unicity of every set :) 

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