Twinkle, twinkle, MANIFEST!
There are 2 magical elements you need to work with on order to manifest any of your wishes.....a CUBE and a SEED.... that's right. Ancient symbol, the Cune has been used in Alchemy as a powerful symbol of transformation from "nothing" into "something" valuable... also not forgetting the cube is a Symbol of your Root Chakra, therefore powerful help in grounding, and what is manifestation if not Grounding your Dreams into Reality!
This necklace will be charged under the Leo Blood Moon Total eclipse, tonight....carrying not only the charge of some magic crystals but absorbing the celestial Energy of Change and Alchemical Transformation of your life!


This Necklace is made of:

NATURAL CUBE PYRITE - Prosperity, Protection, Deflects Negativity

BRONZITE - Protective, Grounding, Harmony

RUDRAKSHA SEED - Insight, Inspiration, Guidance, Growth. 


BY REQUEST - I can create a bundle with this necklace and a Re-charge Crystal jar, containing stones that carry the same frequency. Ask me about details and pricing.


  • 1 string nacklace with adjustable length chain. 

  • note*** this necklace is ONE OF A KIND. Once sold, similar can be created by request. 

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