The Crystals and Oils contained in this product, have been charged under the Energy of the Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse on the 21st January! 


There has always been a fine line between ''Protection'' and ''setting healthy boundaries'', that we seem to have a hard time putting our finger on.... it is so fine that the protection side of it seems to be more convenient and easy to apply. But is it?


This is a fine blend of Organic Essential Oils on a base of Coconut fractioned Oil, infused with 3 Crystals that hold power to manifest your dreams, your thoughts, your desires: Snowflake Obsidian, Red Tiger`s Eye, Black Tourmaline and Russian Sage Flower Buds. 

Scent is strong grounding, roots, deep Frankincense. 

The Blend was conceived to Provide and Support positive thinking, loving behaviour, forgiveness and acceptance under healthy boundaries. 

Crystals Infused ROLLon - FROM FEAR TO LOVE

SKU: 111
  • One Roll-on Essential Oils infused with Crystals and Russian Sage flower buds, on a base of Coconut Oil.

  • note*** this Blend is Original and the combination of used Essential Oils is not disclosed for copywrite purposes. All essential oils used are Vitruvi organic Oils Brand.

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