The Crystals and Oils contained in this product, have been charged under the Energy of the Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse on the 21st January! 


When a Woman loses her ways within Herself, She loses her place in the World, her mission, her purpose, her path and destiny, but in nature nothing is ever lost, but rather forgotten, misplaces, suppressed, hidden or ignored, therefore we all have reminders of who we are and why we chose the path we are walking. 

Here is a natural powerful reminder tool that stimulated your senses and awakened your energy, helping you remember the Goddess that you are born to be! 

Rolling On your skin the scent of roots and flowers, with the frequency of Love, Truth and Healing, is one sweet wake up call to your own Nature.


This is a fine blend of Organic Essential Oils on a base of Coconut Oil, infused with 3 Crystals that hold Pure Feminine Goddess Energy: Carnelian, Rhodochrosite and Blue Lace Agate, and Marrocan Rose petals! 

The Blend was conceived to provide and Support Balance in one`s Energy Body when it comes to regulating body fluids (blood pressure, cycle, hormones, gastric juices), balancing Emotions, Speaking one`s Truth, expressing high creative levels, stimulating Inspiration and ability to co-create. 

Crystals Infused ROLLon - I AM WOMAN.PERIOD.

SKU: 001
  • One Roll-on Essential Oils infused with Crystals and Rose Petals, on a base of Coconut Oil.

  • note*** this Blend is Original and the combination of used Essential Oils is not disclosed for copywrite purposes. All essential oils used are Vitruvi organic Oils Brand.

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