The Crystals and Oils contained in this product, have been charged under the Energy of the Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse on the 21st January! 


The Manifestation process, is not about pulling rabbits out of hats, not about making things disappear, not about making people appear, not about any kind of extra-ordinary at all, for the extraordinary is the PROCESS OF LIVING in itself, the Process of experiencing your life reality as you go thorough it, or better, as you learn how to FLOW through it, to remove obstacles, to LET GO of what is not serving, and to RECEIVE what is given to you, to build forward. 


The process of Manifestation is a daily life of Flowing energy, and it does INVOLVE your ENTIRE ENERGY SYSTEM. It is a complex work that takes the best out of you just to show it into reality, whatever you get to manifest is a part of who you are, it is a mirror of your power to express yourself into the world.

If at any point in your energy system there might be a blockage, a density that is narrowing the path or stopping the flow, your manifestation process will END without results. Also if at any point in the process you ''give up'' building on the energy of your dream, the process results in a failure, your being tends to create a blockage by not trusting the process anymore, closing down into disappointment and dis-ease. 

Manifestation work, just like any other cycle process, requires STABLE RHYTHM, FREQUENCY, COMMITMENT, LOVE and PATIENCE. 

This Roll-On Crystal Energy infused, is a great support in awakening and sharpening your mind into not only being Creative but also giving into the Magic Of life as the Magic of Manifesting and it reminds you that Manifestation Power is as Natural as you let go and learn that you are Worth your every dream! 


This is a fine blend of Organic Essential Oils on a base of Coconut fractioned Oil, infused with 3 Crystals that hold power to manifest your dreams, your thoughts, your desires: Pyrite, Citrine, Peridot and Rosemary needles.

Scent is citrusy/flower field bloom. 

The Blend was conceived to provide and Support positive thinking, creative behaviour, leadership attitude and purposeful moving forward. 


SKU: 101
  • One Roll-on Essential Oils infused with Crystals and Rosemary Needles, on a base of Coconut Oil.

  • note*** this Blend is Original and the combination of used Essential Oils is not disclosed for copywrite purposes. All essential oils used are Vitruvi organic Oils Brand.

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