There are never enough tears to wash the sorrow inside, there seem to never be enough love to be able to forgive for deep wounds that others had thought they had the right to deepen into our souls... but still, there always is a path to chose, a path of self worth, love and higher purpose that, if taken, forgives, detaches, moves on and continues trusting in the light of the human nature, in the love of the world...

Apache Tears will show you the way, will guide you out of your own dark sadness and instill in your heart the needed strength to trust again. 




APACHE TEARS are the translucent variety of Black Obsidian. They are made of volcanic glass. Apache Tears received their name because it is said that grieving Apache women, who lost their loved ones in a raid, cried for a month and their tears fell to the ground, becoming a form of Black Obsidian. This is why Apache Tears will often protect the wearer from grief and sorrow. The Tears will absorb the grief and release old hurts, and lifting the spirit.  They allow you to forgive others without being bitter. 

Apache Tears can protect one when travelling, especially at night. Place on your desk to keep demanding co-workers at bay and guard against hostility. Apache Tears can be given to children who’ve been traumatized – let them hold one up to a light source so that they may see that ‘there is light’ out there, and all is not dark.

Generally, all Obsidian protects the wearer from hostility, negativity, psychic ‘vampires’ and spiritual entities that do not belong.  It offers release from tension and enables one to move forward in his/her life, with a more promising outlook.

Physically, Obsidian often points to the root cause of an illness. It clears the blockages that cause disease.  Use Obsidian for detoxifying, alleviating bleeding, increasing blood circulation, and helping with the pain associated with arthritis and other joint discomfort. Use Apache Tears to help with deficiencies of Vitamins D and C, muscle spasms and knee discomfort.


CLEAR QUARTZ- enhances the energy of all crystals that it is placed with, brings all spectum of healing and empowering experiences.


Your Water infused with these Crystals combination facilitates full integration of the Crystals Energy into your body, drinking infused water brings a more efficient way to get the energy to help your balance and healing, besides also a more efficient way to stay HYDRATED, as crystal energy stimulates your body to efficiently use the ingested water.

***a Phoenix Healing Original channeled combination.

Forgive and Love again- RE-CHARGE

  • Please RINSE the pebbles throughout before use. The water you use is your personal option, it can be filtered, alkaline, source water or reverse osmosis. The product is intended for water only.

    Rince the Crystals regularly to maintain healthy use of the product, and clean maintenance of the Energy of the Crystals. 

    Fragile, handle with care incontact with glass.

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