Aaaaaah, my heart melts only looking at this one....then, when I try it on, my heart transforms in a waterfall of magic and wander....and it does wander to the end of this world, and from there I let the Fairy guardian take me beyond the veil and show me ancient secrets that humans have forgotten...
This necklace will be charged tonight under the "shadow" passing over the Super Full Moon... and that shadow is nothing but the veil between worlds...


This Necklace is made of:

PERIDOT - Healing, Protective, Comforting

PYRITE BEAD - Prosperity, Protection, Deflects Negativity

GREEN APATITE CRYSTAL -Clarity, Spiritual Guidance, Self Expression, Heart Healer

BY REQUEST - I can create a bundle with this necklace and a Re-charge Crystal jar, containing stones that carry the same frequency. Ask me about details and pricing.


  • 1 string nacklace with adjustable length chain. 

  • note*** this necklace is ONE OF A KIND. Once sold, similar can be created by request. 

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