At times, when you feel like you have lost your path, or when you are looking for a guiding light,.... times when you seem to have forgotten that there is always an Angel looking upon you, protecting, guiding and loving you unconditionally,....

.... at times when you have forgotten to turn on the switch inside your heart and shine on your way, your own ray of Light, that is the One and the Same with all Angels at once, .....

....all those times, and any time, take a look at your wrist, and REMEMBER!!! 

I AM your Crystal Angel

  • ONE bracelet made of natural Clear Quartz beads of 9mm, with one Lava stone and one Crystal Angel pendant (one inch tall).


    The Lava Stone is a great carrier of Essential Oil, if one choses aromatherapy for healing, one drop lasts up to 24 hours as you are wearing the bracelet it will carry the scent and support the healing and balancing of your energy. 


    Recommended Oils for working with Spiritual Aspects of self, healing and Mediumship/Chanelling work, are Frankincense, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Geranium.


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