After a long or short, good or bad, or any day, sinking into a bathtub FULL OF HEALING seems to be the Ultimate pleasure there is! 


One of life`s most delicious pleasures is luxuriating in a bath filled with healing Crystals and soothing scents. 

A Crystal bath is doing more than cleaning your body, it has a healing effect on your mind, heart and soul. 


Adding Crystals and Essential Oils into your bath, you are preparing yourself to dive into a Magic Healing experience.

Integrating Crystal Energy through soaking your body into cleansing and recharging waters, is a much needed therapy that your Soul will always be grateful for. 


This SoaKit was designed to blend in Crystals and Essential Oil energies, that will literally polish your energy so you can shine, attract Success, Abundance, Manifest and keep your Thoughts Positive and constructive. This SoaKit stimulates positive, creative thinking patterns, understanding, leadership abilities and vision of a good plan. Weather you are looking into leading yourself or others into complete manifestation of Success and Abundance, this Kit is your sceptre, your guiding light and your motivation to do so. 


Soaking into such healing waters allows your body to absorb these energies and literally shine from within, express personal Power and manifest your wishes and plans into reality.

Also this Kit serves as a GOOD CLEANSER of Energy, dissipating Anxiety, negative thinking and worrying habits that block your Solar Plexus and keep you stuck in past soul contracts or understandings. 



  • Phoenix Healing does not promise to cure any ailments.

    Phoenix Healing seeks to encourage you to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle and to explore alternative healing practices.

  • This SoaKit contains

    Citrine (crystals) - clears energy, abundance, joy

    Yellow Calcite  (pebbles) - self confidence, detoxing, motivation

    Drops of Pyrite - protection, attracts whatever it is wished for (be wise!)



    Geranium and Rosemary Essential Oils energyze, bring freshness and stimulate motivation. Recommended to use 7 drops for Foot Soak, or 13 drops for Full Body Bath Soak.


    The shells that complete the kit are used as a symbol of cleansing waters that move in tides with the Cycles of the Moon, just as our life, washing away the old energy and making clean space for the New one to come.


    The Intention Setting Prayer that comes in the Kit would best serve if recited 3 times before you allow yourself to soak in the waters. This Intention Set Ritual was channeled under the Light of The New Moon of Spring, bringing New Energy in, amplifying positive intentions and serving in healing for those who will be using it.


    All on a bed of Rosemary needles, at the bottom of the jar, that can be sprinkled in the water, to further stimulate your motivation and healing experience, sooth your mind and elevate your Soul...


    For best results and complete Healing and relaxation experience, SoaKit for at least 20 minutes...

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