A Gift is always a symbol of unexpected, of preparation for New and a sign of something that might have been missing in your life, that has found its way to you. A Gift is an Energy that is given unconditionally, an energy that comes in to refill, recharge, renew and heal.

A Gift is somethign that we often forget to give ourselves, as we are always expecting it to come from outside, and when it does, we usually have a hard time receiving it.

A Gift is a HeartFilled opportunity to grow, expand, transform and ejoy the process as it unfolds, just like your feelings as you open a wrapped giftbox... Give yourself The Gift of Healing! 


What would you do if you could trap your dreams in a bottle, and if that bottle would contain the Magic of Changes, the Joy for Life, the Inspiration for every step, and the Reminder of the Purpose for your Path.... 

Would you hold on to it?

Would you Gift it away?

Would you become aware of the Power that you own and wear it every day as a reminder?

Would you keep it in your pocket, or close to your heart and harvest that energy every breath, every second, every thought?

Would you charge it in the New Moon and clear it in the Full Moon?

Would you remember that the Magic dwells within you.....?


A grain of all of the above, the possibility of all, the Joy to feel the Magic, is set in this bottle, in the necklace that can shine bright around your neck, or maybe in the hands of a dear sister, mother or friend....


Bottle contains:

Necklace - 20inches with a Heart Clasp.

2 Manifestation Quartz - Grounding, Manifestation, removing obstacles.

1 Lava Stone to carry the essential Oil of your Choice, for at hand Aromatherapy - recommended Geranium, Sweet Orange.

1 Pyrite grain - stone that attracts wishes, and clears negative energy.

1 Gift charm, as powerful as your ability to receive! 

1 dried Rose Bud, symbol of Hear opening and Self-Healing! 


This Piece of Crystal Jewelry has been blessed under the Spring New Moon, charged with New Opportunities, ability to be Inspired, and Create. 

Necklace in a Bottle - The Gift

  • 1 Necklace contained in a 2.5inches glass bottle. Charms, pebbles, organic lavander and Beads.

  • note*** this product is ONE OF A KIND. Once sold, similar piece can be created but the accent stones and the charms will be different, and those elements are setting in stone the Unicity of every one of my creations :) 

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