• When Herkimer Diamonds find themselves surrounded by the darkness of Obsidian and Hematite, the Universal truth of Balance rises... A Herkimer DIAMOND grows alone in a dark inclusion of a Matrix stone, out of Darkness the Light forms, once darkness is broken, the Diamond glows under the outside light showing us a high frequency Crystal, a unique energy entity that will always remember the darkness of the womb that gave it birth... just so, a Lotus Flower grows out of mud, ju...st so a Soul grows out of a Human Body....and just so, sometimes we hold the SHADOWS for each other to remind us to grow deeper roots into ourselves just so our thousand petals can bloom and amaze the world!


These Bracelets are made of: 

Herkimer Diamonds - Peaceful, Release, Attunement

Hematite - Healing, Balancing, Detoxifying

Obsidian - Grounding, Protection, Shielding

Lava Stones - Phoenix Stone of rebirth through Fire 



The set comes with the Message in the Bottle, and a personalized channeling about your energy! 

BY REQUEST - I can create a bundle with this set and a Re-charge Crystal jar, containing stones that carry the same frequency as the one of the Bracelets. Ask me about details and pricing. 

Note 2Self - No Mud, No Lotus!

  • 3 Bracelets, 2 simple, one double, 6 and 10mm beads. 

    Lava Stones are carriers of Essential Oils of your choice.


  • note*** these bracelets are ONE OF A KIND. Once sold, similar sets can be created but the accent stones and the charms will be different, and those elements are setting in stone the Unicity of every set :) 

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