It is at the bottom of the deep waters that one finds grounding and stability to float on their surface... if you don't feel it deep within yourself it will not give you balance, stability or healing,... it will not float your boat! 


A Mermaid knows this,.... a real Mermaid knows that when you ground, you float with ease, and when you lift anchor, you flow with the energy of the healing winds, towards the destination of your Intention, and that gives purpose to your journey, to your sailing, to your Life! 

Deep waters are not only offering stability and balance, they are offering deep healing, compassion, connection and flow.

Mermaids are teaching you the Power of your VOICE, and Stingrays are teaching you the Wisdom that comes through your words, the Ancestral Energies of this Planet that are still swimming through the deep waters of our Oceans, and keeping away from destruction and ignorance, old relics and Pearl-precious energy! 

Exploring and integrating these energies will change your life, the way you flow, the way you pray and the way you express genuine emotions and VULNERABILITY, and the way you build using Ancient Wisdom gathered from your own Soul Memories. 

Don't be afraid of depths, be afraid of shallow living! 


These Bracelets are made of: 

Hemimorphite- Creativity, Communication, Peace

Aquamarine - Protective, Communication, Calming

Snakeskin Jasper- Protection, Empowerment, Embrace Change

Mother of Pearl - Protection, Encouragement, Strength

Lava Stones - - Phoenix Stone of rebirth through Fire


BY REQUEST - I can create a bundle with this set and a Re-charge Crystal jar, containing stones that carry the same frequency as the one of the Bracelets. Ask me about details and pricing.

Note2self -all I need is vitamin SEA...

  • 4 Bracelets, 1 double string and 3 simple strings, 6 and 8mm beads. 

    Contains Lava Stones, recommended to be used with your choice of Essential Oils. 

  • note*** these bracelets are ONE OF A KIND. Once sold, similar sets can be created but the accent stones and the charms will be different, and those elements are setting in stone the Unicity of every set :) 

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