Insomnia symptoms are a sign of major Third Eye imbalance, a sign of Pineal Gland poisoning, an alarming inability to envision or create anything that would give purpose to your life....
Unfortunately pineal gland poisoning is a continuous mass phenomena through contamination of water, air pollution, EMF overloads and food heavy metal/radiation infusion..... as apocalyptic as... it sounds, it's all together a disruption of any natural healthy living along with a buzzing disruption of sleep patterns. 😣
Besides the attention required for what you eat, drink or brush your teeth with, this natural choice of drinking Crystal Charged Water can support the energy needed for your third eye/ pineal gland, to regulate your sleep patterns, so your body gets a chance to recharge and regenerate through sleep. 😴
The Crystals chosen are supporting the frequencies of your High Chakras (Throat, Third Eye and Crown) in order to regain balance.👐





a Phoenix Healing Original channeled combination.



Fighting INSOMNIA?

  • Please RINSE the pebbles throughout before use. The water you use is your personal option, it can be filtered, alkaline, source water or reverse osmosis. The product is intended for water only.

    Rince the Crystals regularly to maintain healthy use of the product, and clean maintenance of the Energy of the Crystals. 

    Fragile, handle with care incontact with glass.

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