Keep your sage close....and your CRYSTAL WATER even closer!! πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸŒš
SHIVA LINGHAM infused crystal water is one of the choices you can make under the LIGHT OF THIS FULL MOON, or ANY Full Moon time... finding yourself under full light, you are given the chance to SEE your ENERGY and chose what it is to let go of, and what is still worth to carry as it might still encourage and support your Healing journey...
FULL MOONS are coming in with powerful energies for us to see DUALITY of forces that create the dynamics of our LIVES... it's not easy or confortable for us to face some aspects, therefore we embrace LUNACY and run with the wolves...the dark ones usually... 😎...
Help yourself SEE and make the RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU at this time.




SHIVA LINGHAM or Narmada River Lingams - Cleasning, Meditation, Insight

Found only in the Narmada River in India,  Lingams (also called Shiva Lingams or Bana Lingas) are a variety of cryptocrystalline quartz that is oval in shape and contains earthy hues, usually two-toned.  In ancient Sanskrit, Shiva Lingam means a β€œsign” or β€œsymbol”.  These Lingams are gathered once a year in a special ceremony and then polished by hand.

The shape of the Shiva Lingam makes it a powerful energy generator appropriate for healing a unique tool for meditation and cleansing. The natural shaping and polishing process forms a very balanced ritual object that combines both masculine and feminine attributes, providing a unified vibration.

The Shiva Lingam is a stone of insight, allowing the user to recognize and let go of things (feelings, emotions, etc.) that no longer serve or have been outgrown. The lingam represents the center axis of life, connecting earth with universe.

Lingam is symbolic of the Divine Creative Manifestation. The Lingam shape is representative of the power of Shiva, the Lord of Creation, and the masculine creative energy. The markings, also known as the yoni, symbolize the feminine energy, the seed which is fertilized to manifest the creative power in the dance of the cosmos. Geologists theorize that the iron oxide, of which the yoni is composed, was impregnated in the river bed millions of years ago by a meteorite.


CLEAR QUARTZ- enhances the energy of all crystals that it is placed with, brings all spectum of healing and empowering experiences.


Your Water infused with these Crystals combination facilitates full integration of the Crystals Energy into your body, drinking infused water brings a more efficient way to get the energy to help your balance and healing, besides also a more efficient way to stay HYDRATED, as crystal energy stimulates your body to efficiently use the ingested water.

***a Phoenix Healing Original channeled combination.


  • Please RINSE the pebbles throughout before use. The water you use is your personal option, it can be filtered, alkaline, source water or reverse osmosis. The product is intended for water only.

    Rince the Crystals regularly to maintain healthy use of the product, and clean maintenance of the Energy of the Crystals. 

    Fragile, handle with care incontact with glass.

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