Healing your Sacral Chakra - Meditation

March 9, 2017

We all have these moments when we are broken, somehow our trust in self and self esteem were taken at a lower level, somehow our ability to relate to life itself has lost meaning, and somehow the ability to bring life forth seems to be close to impossible, therefore we were BORN WITH IT...... when a woman feels less than a woman, she needs to rest in silence, she needs to find her sacred garden where all life began, find her spirit and bring back her power, to pro-create, to nurture, to ignite passion, relation, fertility, to bring life back into herself and to give life to others!


We all know someone (or maybe our-self) who is "trying to have a baby", "has lost a baby", or has a hard time relating to their children, someone who suffers of frigidity, ovary/uterus dysfunctions, endometriosis, repeated UTIs, contraceptive pills, a messy painful irregular period, early menopause, hormonal disorders.... and the list goes on.... ALL THESE and more are related to ONE ENERGY POINT in your body, your NAVEL chakra, the point that resides royally right between your ovaries and the ONLY ONE that has the POWER TO CREATE LIFE, and the point where you Express yourself in the world as a Woman!

Truth is, you are reading this now because your Mother had a strong healthy Navel chakra that was able to carry you and bring you into this life. We should be honouring that and continue to hold the space and the Power for ourselves and all women\mothers that relate in any way with us.

We are living these times when our Navels need to come together and Show that the Spirit of this world still exists, Mother Earth is still part of our body and existence, as She sustains Life, We sustain Life, as She Honours Life, we Honour Life and ourselves as Creators!


A Healing Meditation is one space that we can hold together, in the silence of our minds and in the song of our Spirit, a gentle yet potent healing that will bring your Navel center and along with it, your Life back into yourself!

Weather that means to heal and bring back into your body fertility, sensuality, passion for life, power to create, strength to nurture all lives around you, presence to honour your Mother, and together, presence to honour Life Itself in this world that we share.

Join me in meditation and Healing!


Every last Thursday of each Month at Phoenix Healing Center in Oakville.


Please come in with the intention to heal another woman as well, as we will be performing Distance Energy Healing.

In Love, Health and Balance,




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