Meditation is a Spiritual House Cleaning

March 1, 2017



Considering first the physical aspect of the meditation, every time you dive into a meditation state you change your brain waves, and this change alone makes your entire physical body react in a different way,.... your blood pressure drops, your heart rhythm is changing and embracing the peaceful mind...

In this state of "relaxation" you body finds it`s rhythm, it`s peace, and everything falls into the right place without the interference of your thoughts or your emotions, more than that, releases at the energy level happen at ease, allowing emotions to flow out and make space for future experiences - we call this "stress relief"...


But the most important thing that happens in a meditation is nowhere near your physical body, get to meet your soul, in a sacred space that no one and nothing has access to, except for your own self, and this space is your subconscious mind, it is the space where all reality begins, where all thoughts are formed, with the only intention to become experienced reality, and just like a boomerang all experiences, once lived, return, in order to be stored.


It is like you are creating a library with a closed circuit of information to be stored and released, build on or transformed, each one connected to the level of awareness-consciousness of each soul.

Some of us never visit this space in a lifetime and live as a consequence of the energy that we create and allow or not to flow.


The space of your subconscious is more like a gigantic walk-in closet where the walls are packed with Ikea-like shelves and drawer-organisers, every drawer in this space holds information in forms of different things depending on our soul print... some of us store books, some shoes, some pets, crystals, pictures, colours, some leafs or flowers, some maybe just feelings, ... anything can and is stored in here, and just imagine that every lifetime this is the only part of your soul that does not change,. we keep creating space and storage ways and we keep it all, good, bad, comfortable, loving, strange, fearful, ... anything that has served us in our experiences, and sometimes because the experience was not complete, we keep the "rest of it" in one of the special drawers, and we are waiting for the right moment to "release" it and get it "done".

That is how sometimes people from past lifetimes find us and make us re-live moments just to get "even" or allow us to finish feeling/experiencing or learning what we needed to, but we have stopped it before it was over...


... getting back to the idea of the walk-in closet, just realize that as we store "things" in our physical houses and we over fill our closets sometimes to the point that the doors don`t close anymore.... we do the same in our subconscious mind, ...things that serve us, or not, we store them life time after lifetime, sometimes to the point where the drawers don`t close anymore, and those are the moments when we find ourselves overwhelmed because one of these drawers just busted open and memories poured out of control...


Meditation is more of a house cleaning system, spiritual house cleaning, where you get to go in that space and organize everything before it hits you when you least expect it... you get to clean old stuff, release memories that have been with you for sooo long, ready to just be transformed into awareness and light.

That is why we meditate, to be aware, to be spiritually "awakened" and that means to catch it before it happens - if you wish, that is to be your own "clairvoyant" and to realize that the Crystal ball that you can read into your future is right in the middle of that subconscious walk in closet. When you see your energy, you have the ability to transform your life.

There is much joy in awareness.




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