About Seeds, Weeds and how to chose your Thoughts...meditation

March 11, 2017

Nature of all things from a human perception is made of Thought Forms. Everything that we understand is forming in thoughts, everything that we perceive is connecting bouquets of thoughts, everything that we talk is thought form before it even leaves our lips with any resonance. Thoughts are the forms that shape the way you feel and ultimately the way you create your reality. All thoughts together are forming your mind.


And so, these times by the calendar we are starting a new Sprig, New Life, New Perception, New cycle of living. Seems like Life is claiming its right to bloom again, just like our reality seems to start reshaping into a new opening, new space for fresh opportunities.


But Spring time is not always an easy season to step through, there will be rain, there will be mud, there will be cold mornings and frost, flu and allergies,.....  and it will seem at times that nature is sneezing through the pain of growing back into life. Although the pain of transformation is always forgotten once the garden is fully bloomed, and the resonance of our thoughts have tuned into the signal of moving forward in a positive way.


Your Mind is a garden where your Thoughts grow either majestic flowers or trees, or maybe as majestic but more destructive and infesting as weeds, negative thoughts... Our dis-eased reality is all based on weed thoughts. Change your mind, change your life seems to be so easy to say and so thought-full to understand the process, and flow through it.


Any negative thought is recreating past realities that are distorting your present life, chances are if they are not stopped and cleared, the weed infestation will carry on into creating a fear based thought reality into your future. Thoughts are also memories that you have been storing in your subconscious mind, like in an old garden where weeds are waaay overgrown and forgotten about, until one moment glimpsing into the wrong wind, brings a bad seed into your garden.


Gardening your mind is imperative when it comes to living into the present, or building into your future; and the convenient thing when it comes to energy, is that the time frame of our conscious perception IS NOT a reality, but a thought form that can always be changed.


Living with a weeded mind keeps you stuck into the past, painfully oblivious to the present, more so destructive towards the future, as you live in a time that does not exist anymore.


Living in a garden full of life can only provide future growth and health in all aspects of your life. Your Seed thoughts embody your future, growing roots in the present mind-frame.


When you look at a mature dandelion flower, what do you see, a weed or a wish??

Keep your thoughts positive, train your mind to create realities, not to live stuck in old pain and false belief systems.

Garden your mind! Meditate! 



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