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March 5, 2017

The most powerful Energy Center you have, the most precious, the most innocent, the easiest to `break` and the strongest to move mountains with : Your Heart!


In our busy daily lives is seems like our attention goes more towards what to eat - stomach, how to organise the day - head, what to wear - skin, how to look like, behave and relate to others - entire system coordinated by brain functions, maybe we perform some type of physical ''programmed'' gym, yoga, walking the dog, or anything that is scheduled to ''do good to us''....What about your Heart? ?


How many times a day do we ''worry'' about the people around us: children, husband/wife, immediate family, neighbours, community, co-workers....? ANYONE BUT OURSELF!

The only attention that we bring OURSELF into, is how to relate to others...... Do we ever take a second and ask '' what about me'' what do I want, what do I LOVE, how much DO I LOVE MYSELF, and HOW'S MY HEART DOING TODAY?...... these questions seem so far depersonalised, it almost feels like they are silly and not of importance as long as the world around us approves with who do we adjust to be, or how we get used to be like.


Your heart center NEEDS your presence, needs your balance, needs your Love to pour out from your heart, not as a result of how others see or feel about you!


Your Heart IS the only one that sustains ALL that you are, your Life is experienced because your Heart Center is supporting the existence, Physically AND Energetically.


If you lack Self Love in your Heart Center, you move through your Life without yourself!


That is why we feel lonely, sad for no reason, hurt, disappointed, scared to relate, afraid to give chances, we expect an outside confirmation and nurture, and reassurance that we are loved, when the actual only source of Love starts within our very Center, that centre that when you place your right hand on, in the middle of your chest, you feel a beat and a warmth, and a feeling of belonging that NOONE and NOTHING can give you from outside of yourself!


That Center needs your presence right in it, needs your attention so it can reignite and shine, so it can get you back to your Nature, to your Human Nature, Loving, Carrying, Compassionate, Unconditional, Nurturing, Powerful and conscious of its presence in this world, never alone, never incapable to relate to, connect with, or sustain Healthy Relationships!


Crystals do that for you, are capable of Energetically bringing you back into your Heart Center, get your Bonds of Connection with yourself back, Dissipate all heavy feelings, negative vibrations or tight cords that might have held you down, sometimes for centuries of blood lines.



The CRYSTALOVE Emerald Grids at Phoenix healing centre, 

 are created to bring your Heart Energy back into balance. They do consist in a physical layout of an Emerald Crystal Grid on your body and also a Guided Meditation that will bring your entire attention and Energy in the Center of your Being. Will support you clear any heavy energy from the past and will make space for New Energy of Love to step into your life. These Grids are supporting Heart Healing in all aspects Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual. Part of the Treatment will aso be an Aura picture taken before and after, just so you can see how your Heart Center changes, and also your entire energy system.


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