All we crave is Connection ...MEDITATION

March 12, 2017

Everything in this Universe is Connected...everything that exists starting with your own body and rippling out into the farthest point of the infinite space, Connects. Your cells connect to form your organs, your organs connect to form your body, your body connects with your soul, your soul connects with your consciousness, your consciousness connects with the common consciousness, which connects with the Universal consciousness, which goes beyond the limitations of time and space,... and in between all these levels of connection there are other levels that make this entire world function, in complete inter-connectivity, balance and continuous flow.


Any interruption, any obstacle,any break in any of the levels of connection, have as consequence dis-function, dis-comfort, dis-ease.


The most subtle level of connection that keeps the essence of the UNiverse flow, starts within YOU. Connection to self is one of the most volatile yet most powerful that you are facing as a part of your individual conscious existence.


The connection to self defies any limits that are known by our conscious mind, time or space, connection to self brings in the power of All that IS, at all times, in all dimensions, times and spaces. The mere glimpse of the thought that, at all times, you can connect with anyone, anything and anywhere, brings an overwhelming feeling that defies the law of gravitational way of thinking, you feel uplifted, elevated, free and easy flowing. But there is ONE basic condition to experience that feeling: GROUNDING, is the only one condition that makes possible the connection to Self! Your Soul grounds in your body as your Body grounds into the body of the Earth!


We seem to start our physical journey with the most intense pain that ripples at all levels of our being: the Birthing... Birthing by definition is an experience of "disconnection" at physical and energy levels. Your body detaches and gains "freedom" as a self sustained form of life and it starts developing it`s own "mind" and "emotional system", it`s own way to self-sustainability. What we forget is that the physical dense form that we chose to take, is just an illusion of disconnection, is just a different way to experience that you are ALL, even when you are by yourself,... what makes a difference or an illusion is the way you think/feel about it. AT all times you have a conscious choice to connect inside and remember, OR look for a connection outside that is temporary, just like the body you are finding yourself in!


The physical connections that we seem to always find are related to our birth experience, we connect outside to find the comfort of another, that unconditional feeling of "belonging" knowing that you will lose that connection in ecstatic pain, you hold on to it for dear life. Somewhere in your subconscious mind, you remember that any cycle of physical connection has a birthing process that will end... and the painful way that all connections of detachment end, are the richest and most empowering experiences that we have.


All these detachment experiences keep bringing us back into seeing ourselves for who we are, The most powerful beings in the Universe, Living Spirits!

The moment you learn that you cannot lose anything/anyone, for you are at all times connected, from the core of your existence with all who is, and all that is, you gain the wisdom and the awareness of the Truth, and that is the only thing that forever lasts, and forever is: your IDentity!


Don`t lose yourself outside, find yourself inside! MEDITATE!



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