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March 9, 2017

You are a Universal Being, you are a powerful incarnation of so many other experiences that contributed to the great complexity that you are expressing in this lifetime.


With that said, you are an entire library of unknown aspects of yourself, aspects undiscovered yet for the humbling reason that your present consciousness only processes so much at the time.

Past lives are embedded in our Soul Print and have 2 ways of manifesting them in the present....

  1. through expressing power, determination, knowledge, awareness and universal consciousness thinking and guidance,

  2. OR the opposite way, that we have invented the `therapy` for, the negative patterns, the repeated mistakes, the phobias, fears, inabilities to move forward in this life, physical dis-eases, or simply the nostalgia of being what we once were and not willing to express into the future, but rather spending our life stuck in matrixes of old fashion ways that are sometimes affecting all the aspects of our being – mental, emotional, physical AND spiritual.


One of the most common fears that we all are born with, and is related to past life existences, is the fear of dying, although this fear should be lifted once one is aware of the multiple possibilities of living and making choices in between.


These meditations are designed with the intention to bring into your conscious awareness your past existences that hold the most powerful aspects of your soul, aspects that DEMAND to be rediscovered and are meant to help you in your evolution, your ability to manifest, your ability to live a joyful life, an abundant life, a purpose-full life!


I had the honour over the years to conduct one-on-one past life regressions that were as powerful as transformational in people’s lives, but now we got to the point when following the energy of this year #1 we are ready to experience and recall past lives together, in a collective way.


And there is a need for us to do so, as this year we need to learn how to connect and work together as ONE. Remembering the past TOGETHER we are more able than ever to build the future TOGETHER as everything that is surrounding us in life as frequency, is requiring our common effort into helping this world evolve in a positive way.

The only way to build your future, is to remember your past. Remembering past life aspects of your soul you are integrating the transformational and healing power of those aspects and cease to be stuck in the past – immediate or distant.


Discover yourself in the most powerful Light under the widest open Eye of your consciousness and change your life, give it purpose, find your Joy and your Oneness!


These meditations are conceived to work only with 5 people at the time, due to the individual attention needed in order to understand the process and effectively allow healing and transformation to flow within your soul.

I will be seeing you every LAST FRIDAY of every month, in your Past Lives! 


In Love and Healing!

Veronica I.- Meditation Teacher, EHT, Past Life Therapist, Spiritual Counselor 



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