Falling in Love versus Being in Love...

March 5, 2017

Regardless if you already are in a relationship or not, you might be looking for one or not, or you might be in one that has died long time ago and you are struggling between letting go or trying to revive, to find yourself again in or out of it,....... there is a Universal need for Love that will NEVER cease to exist. As long as we will experience life as incarnated beings, our only chance to grow and learn is always either ''in'' or ''out'' of Love....


Here is my romantic Love energy story .....


Every time we fall in love with others, it seems like we are filling up a massive void in ourselves… we are looking always for that puzzle piece to attach to our hearts to make us `complete` always forgetting that our hearts already are complete, and that we are not shining our light into these spots but looking outside of ourselves to find an-other that would embody what-who we are.


Every time you `fall` for an-other, it is because you see an aspect of who you are in that other, but why is it that we cannot seem to see it in ourselves, and save us from the hurt that is always a consequence of `falling`. We have not been told the difference between falling in love and being in love, for falling is always a consequence of loosing balance, and being is right inside our heart centre, standing still.

Falling is a result of attraction while being is a result of alignment.


There is duality of forces when it comes to `falling`….


People say about us when we `fall` in love: he-she is blind, he-she is deaf, he-she cannot do anything about it, it`s like a paralyzing dis-ease, you cannot live without the other.... It seems like sometimes love is a trap where you hopelessly fall into something that you give all your power to, and that power is used by another to manipulate and deplete you, take it all and leave you empty and hopeless and still blind to who you are. This kind of "falling" is based on attraction, and attraction means healing, and pain is always a sign of healing.


"Falling" in Love is a chance for you to learn who you are, and value who you are, seeing the Light that you are, and building self-esteem happens when you are successful at learning; loosing the self-esteem is a sign of failing to rise-up from falling, failing to learn.


Vocabulary is a KEY reflection of any experience. Words hold power/energy!


So remember what we say about ourselves when we ARE in love: I feel like I can move mountains, I feel that no matter what happens I can do anything, I can be anything and life never made more sense. I am happy. This is the feeling of `being` in love, this is when who you see in another does not need to complete you, because you already are complete, but complement you, add to you, and bring the best out of yourself. Because at this point you have tried so many times to push the best into yourself, and it just didn`t work :)


And still, the human consciousness seems to be more sensitive and responsive when it comes to connecting with another outside self, and that is a reflection of the separation syndrome that was wrongly implanted in our DNA information long-time ago. We were separated as humans to find unity in learning how to connect. That is what Love is. Connecting to Self means connecting to Source-God, and that can Only be done through Love, the highest frequency in the Universe, the way we know it.


What is it that we need to see in ourselves that would ignite this Love power from WITHIN and help us shine like beautiful Stars that we are?

What is it hidden deep inside your energy system that you cannot see in order to love yourself completely and be able to ALIGN IN LOVE with another with more ease and no pain?


If you are ready to look for Love inside, join me this month of February in Meditation at Phoenix Healing Center in Oakville.... 



Suggested Love igniting/inviting/healing Crystals

that you might already have and you want to bring with you into this meditation: Aventurine Green, Rose Quartz, Fuchsite, Malachite, Rodochrosite, Shiva Lingam, Rhodonite, Peridot, Tourquoise, Moon Stone.




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