Healing is breaking from Ground into Crystals...

Sometimes as we grow through life, the most difficult experience seems to be the ability to break,..... 
once you do so, the most rewarding feeling is the one of healing into something new, better and stronger than you`ve ever been before.... Healing means breaking from Ground into Crystals.....

When you feel down, when you experience pain, when you lose someone, when you break apart from someone, when you fall into anxiety, depression, negativity, when you don`t feel yourself for no reason or sometimes for very god reasons...all these experiences and more similar, experiences of heaviness, sadness, pain and sometimes despair, are making you Break down.

We call it "breaking Heart" experiences, because the most powerful energy point of your body, your Heart, is going through a reset. When you break you feel it in your heart, losing energy or any invasive action in your energetic field is done/felt through the Heart Center, that is your gate to Connection with all that is.

When you break, the most important thing to know is "how to" do it, breaking is an experience of restructuring with the purpose of Healing, mending your Heart and putting your other energy centers back into alignment. Breaking is necessary just because at times as you go up into the evolutionary steps, as individual and as common consciousness, you need to allow the past to be destroyed, you need to allow your old self to let go of you, so you can step into your next level of awareness and experience of life. 

Knowing How To Break stands in your ability to keep balanced, to keep neutral, to be within yourself as an observer of what is happening, that does not mean that the pain will disappear, it only means that you will know that pain is a part of the process and you will not be losing peieces of your energy but rather you will have the power to hold it together through the fall so it will be easier to reconstruct and raise after, to become a Crystal again.

Also knowing How To Break stands equally in your ability to ask for help and trust that you are guided, surrounded, loved and protected. Your faith is your shield and guidance. 


2017 needed a Major Breaking of the Old You, and that was 2016 - an entire year of breaking - , so you can get yourself lighter so you can fly higher and you can see clearer from a higher perspective, and along with that the breaking gave you an opportunity to start Building your Dreams from New Energy Grounds, grounds that might have left behind dear ones, homes, jobs, habits, plans that did not work or dreams that did not fly along with you....


Now you are finding yourself barely naked and all you have left is your ability to heal, cover your body with the energy clothes that you are capable of imagining and ultimately manifesting. Your ability to imagine reflects your ability to create and heal.

Every time you break though, remember that you are NOT ALONE. Remember how we say that we are seeing who our "real friends" are when we are in need for help, support and compassion, it is so true, when your energy frequency goes down into destruction it naturally calls in the other beings that are meant to support you in your process of healing, the Beings that are High Enough in frequency FOR YOU to give you what you need at the breaking time. These people are Family, Friends, unexpected presences, Healers or Guides that we often call "Angels", for they always are!

If you feel like you are in need for Energy Help and Guidance, don`t forget that in order to receive you will have to ask for help :)

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