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The Manifestation process, is not about pulling rabbits out of hats, not about making things disappear, not about making people appear, not about any kind of extra-ordinary at all, for the extraordinary is the PROCESS OF LIVING in itself, the Process of experiencing your life reality as you go thorough it, or better, as you learn how to FLOW through it, to remove obstacles, to LET GO of what is not serving, and to RECEIVE what is given to you, to build forward. 


The process of Manifestation is a daily life of Flowing energy, and it does INVOLVE your ENTIRE ENERGY SYSTEM. It is a complex work that takes the best out of you just to show it into reality, whatever you get to manifest is a part of who you are, it is a mirror of your power to express yourself into the world.

If at any point in your energy system there might be a blockage, a density that is narrowing the path or stopping the flow, your manifestation process will END without results. Also if at any point in the process you ''give up'' building on the energy of your dream, the process results in a failure, your being tends to create a blockage by not trusting the process anymore, closing down into disappointment and dis-ease. 

Manifestation work, just like any other cycle process, requires STABLE RHYTHM, FREQUENCY, COMMITMENT, reason why we chose to teach this EVERY Monday (Moon-day) with the frequency of the moon energy that starts the entire cycle of our week, EVERY WEEK... 


How many times we have looked at our life, we have counted and listed old habits, problems, inconveniences, patterns, even people that we seem unable to detach from, things we don`t want to happen anymore, old dreams that we have made reality and we somehow seemed to have been stuck in them for some calendar years now, unable to move on towards something new.... how many times we have said "it`s over!", but it wasn`t so??!!!

Our life cycle is a sum of repeated pregnancy cycles, energetically speaking, we keep bringing new things in our lives just like new babies into this world, we are creators of our reality just like a mother creates a child, and the process of pregnancy and birthing is just the same. It isn`t over until the full grown baby is ready to come into life, or, your dream/wish/idea/project becomes reality. The end of any birthing process is equal to the release into life and detachment from it, at all levels. Until you let it go, you won`t be able to see it outside of yourself into your reality.


Process phases - energy levels

You have a dream, you get a new idea, you don`t even know where it came from, but you get it, that is the beginning of any manifestation/energy pregnancy cycle.

Your dream starts somewhere in your mind/higher energy points, Brown chakra and Third eye.

After "having" the dream, you start visualizing it, you are using the Third Eye energy and building images on it, about it, around it, what you are doing is literally feeding into your pregnancy the necessary energy for your new baby/dream to grow, you are giving it a body/ a purpose.


Then the next step of your pregnancy is to "talk it" into reality, you are using the Throat chakra energy to talk about it, to describe it, to share it with others, you are starting the "networking connection" of energy, as even if you are the mother of your child, you need to humanly connect with others that are supporting you and bringing you the right information/tools to support you in your growth.


The next step into the manifestation of your dream is FEELING good about it, the emotion that you put in from your Heart center is the most powerful tool that you have in your pregnancy/manifestation process. Even in the physical process of a fetus development, the heart forms before the brain. If you cannot FEEL how it is to have your dream/wish into your life, chances are slim to make it happen. Emotional intelligence has the most power in a manifestation process, if not the ONLY power to create. If you see something but you don`t feel it, it`s not part of your experience, therefore not part of your life.


And just so, after putting Your Heart into it, the next step is to engage your Solar Plexus energy, your "to do" center and actually find the motivation and the action required to manifest, mainly related to physical means of acquiring what you wish for, if you want a house you need to go get the money, if you want a relationship you need to pick up a phone or hold a hand, or start with a hug (any physical signal).


The final and the most potent energy of manifestation stands in your Navel and Root Chakras, that is where you physically carry a pregnancy, and you end it through birthing, that is where energetically you carry the creativity, the emotional flow, the fight or flight reaction, the Life Force in all aspects of itself! The INITIAL SEED


Carrying a baby, just like MANIFESTING a wish is a Complete and Complex process that involves all aspects of One`s energy being!


The process of pregnancy/birthing AND manifestation alike, is a HARD one, and in the meantime a powerful TRANSITIONAL one.

At the end of a pregnancy, just like at the end of having your wish finally becoming reality, ONE IS certainly transformed, feeling most of the times tired, depleted, emptied out, BUT excited and ready to start a NEW LIFE. Seeing the dream in front of your eyes, and in that moment, the Joy, the Love, the Ecstasy, the God feeling of being the creator of your own baby can only be described as, your body getting depleted, your spirit arises and shines into living your dream refilling your body with a new energetic potential for all that is to come.


.... This is the manifestation process!!!! That is how we make dreams come true! That is how we live, by continuously bringing life forth through all kinds of energy forms! That is how we move on into a new life, when we end a process, when we detach, when we are ready to create again!

It is just about THE RIGHT time to detach, to give birth, to stand ready in that shadow of the great new unknown, feeling viscerally ready to create again.


AS OF NOW, You are ready to cut all your umbilical cords with the past and create NEW homes, careers, projects, relationships, families, children, the world of your dreams is ready to BE!

If you were given the "miracle grow" energy, what would you do with it??


Dare to Create and Manifest! Join me in this 7 series meditation, make it happen!


AND just a final note****

if you get to master the Energy of the Manifestation process in your Life,

you will end up pulling rabbits out of hats too ;) 



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