Your Commitment to your practice, reflects your Self-Love!...

The results of your practice are always a reflection of your commitment and frequency to the process.

Choosing a healthy practice, that suits your lifestyle and your energy flow, requires commitment. Just like you cannot give birth to a baby and then check- in on and off to see how it`s growing, you have to commit to raising, educating, cultivating parenthood....

When you are prescribed to take pills you are not given the option to take them when you “have the time” or you are in the mood to do so, you are required to intake with commitment on a daily basis and a frequency of time – every morning, or evening, or every 6 hours, failure to do so stands in the warning of  `you might get complications, might not get better `...just a side thought, did you ever notice that in medical terms we never talk about healing, it`s always about `getting better`.... 


Everything that you do in life requires your frequent presence, that is how you build, that is how you evolve, transform and ultimately manifest your dreams.

Your presence and what you create by being present in daily movement of energy, holds power, holds ability to create and experience life from your own perspective.

When by your presence you serve others, you build for others – example your job – when you become present for yourself in a practice that is designed to serve you alone – gym, yoga, meditation, healing, whatever works for you – then you build for yourself.


Our daily lives are not designed nor encourage you to allow yourself to become aware of your presence and of your needs in terms of balance and health, but rather everything around you pushes you into a loop of “busy-ness” that serves a system that eats your energy without allowing you to neither keep any for yourself, nor to replenish.... the only time that you are given by default, is the time to sleep, or sleeping is not enough to replenish, it is just enough to survive. That is when pills kick in as a convenient choice to chemically control your brain frequencies so you won`t feel the need to ever “wake up” to your real self.


It is a personal choice and very powerful self-commitment to hold on to the balance by choosing to be “weird” and to start practicing anything that promotes Healing in your life. It is a sign of self-love and self-respect to be able to give yourself, body, mind and soul, what is needed to regain balance, passion for life, joy for living and spiritual ecstasy of discovering that you are so much more than you were told you cannot be!


Commit to your practices, yoga, physical therapies, massages, reading, eating, healthy sleeping, energy healing, spiritual therapies, meditation, whatever mends your heart and ignites your soul!


This is the year to collectively make a decision towards awareness, balance, healing and joyful living, this is the year to BE WEIRD, to be yourself and not to be afraid to step into an office and say ``I had a magical meditation this morning!``


Do good, Be good, commit to your practices!  

In Health and Balance!

Veronica, Phoenix Healing Center



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