Your Period does not define you, It Reflects you!...

March 5, 2017

Just like your body knows when and how to sleep, or when and how to breath, your body, the body of a woman, knows when and how to menstruate, cycle.

And just so, like a dysfunctional and disconnected society, when we cannot sleep, we take a pill (creating Third Eye blockages), when we cannot breath we take a puff (Creating Heart blockages), when the cycle is painful, or the risk of being disrespected becomes a threat, we get on the pill (killing our Navel chakra and our Throat and thyroid along with our abilities to create, self-express and be true to self, to mark just the main points...)


We have been raised through many generations to be ashamed or look at our cycle as an "inconvenience", a shame, a burdain, a weakness, and so wrongfully believed that you only need it if you are trying to give birth....otherwise it is treated as an illness that is not even necessary anymore, so it gets completely chemically or physically eliminated (pills, injectables, ovaries removal, God knows what else we have invented)... 


Needless to say that we have lost touch with nature, with anything that is of balance and harmony not only with the world outside, but within our own selves.... desperately we are awakening now in pain and craving to feel something,...because when you lose control of your period, you lose your emotions, you lose your natural way to attract in your life what is beneficial and nurturing for yourself and others, you become a plastic flower with no perfume, and no matter how beautiful and "clean" it might be, you know that it is not real!


You were given the Gift of a Period to be able to move along with the Entire Planet and hold on to the Moon!

You were given the Gift of a Period to teach the World Nurturing Life and Understanding Death.

You were given the Gift of a Period to Feel the Love to its core, feel the Fear to its Bottom, feel the Pain to its limits.

You were given the Gift of a Period to be able to create Miracles, to re-create yourself, to pro-create life.

You were given the Gift of a Period to learn how to grow through your relationships and to support your Roots, your Family, your Tribe.

You were given the Gift of a Period to carry it as a sacred connection to Nature, to all that is Harmony,  Love, Nourishment, Hope, Life and Death!

You were given the Gift of a Period so when you stepped into this world, when your feet touched the ground and your Period started flowing, countless bloodlines were flowing with you, from within you like a sacred river of Eternal Life and Power!

You were given your Period because you are a Sacred Creature of the Universe that walks on this Earth embodying the source of Life itself! 


Why would you want to stop that?? Why would you chose not to feel, not to be able to create, not to be able to have healthy strong and rich relationships based on a balanced exchange of energy, support and harmony? Why would you choose to die inside without giving yourself the chance of living?? Why would you choose to be a plastic flower??


Your period does not define you, it reflects you. It reflects your ability to connect, to feel, to nurture, to create, to be passionate and joyful in your life. If your period turns out to be painful and "abnormal" it is time to look at yourself and the life you live, it is time to heal, and your period will follow, will tune in to the natural cycle of the Moon and will keep you connected. Your period is your Mirror! 


A chemically hormonal controlled body has a reduced ability to create, to naturally feel the changes, to genuinely build or sustain relationships, weakened ability to act from a standing point of genuine compassion, nurturing or healing abilities. A chemically hormonal controlled body sometimes does not even feel like there is anything wrong going on, since the ability to genuinely feel and process energy is artificial.

What is not suppressed, not even at this point, is your Intuition, your "gut feeling" you have at any point the choice to re-connect within yourself.


Withdrawal from any contraceptive pill requires attention, nurturing and constant energy healing support. Be responsible and informed when you make the decision to Be the Woman that you were born to be.

Be Proud, Be Powerful, Be Aware!




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