You are not a Tree, you are the Forest... Meditate together ...

​​​​​​​Under the 13th Moon-day of this Spring, when the entire nature around us seems to be not only delayed, but also unsure of what to do, in which way to bloom or not, how long to still freeze or maybe snow, or maybe just get foggy in-between, just like our minds and our intentions at this time.


Any cycle of life, just like any wish that is just about to become reality, is made of that moment in the energy when you are so thrilled to embrace something new, that looking back seems to be the safest thing to do, more so, questioning if you have done everything in your power to get the outcome that you need, if there is anything you might have missed, or is this really what you wanted to begin with.... and the step before the shore continues, tangled in hesitations and looking back moments, maybe even the glimpse of giving up....


This is the Spring ''break'', the time when even the nature seems to look back into some more winter moments, or still a bit of darkness just because, in nature, as in life, the full light will only shine when the seed is ready to grow, meaning when that seed got to the very surface of the Earth, only then, it will actually see the sun, the meantime the Sun has been shining up above this entire time, it was just the perspective of the seed that needed to change position...


Meanwhile, knowing how to manage this ''dark energy'' seems to be so confusing and, well, dark, scary and uncomfortable. Any Growth is supposed to be uncomfortable as the new body need to grow in order to contain the new flow of energy, and energy is always making space through the growth of any-body.


Number 13th, falling in a Moon day is more than ever a sign of the Goddess’s re-birth, the Mother Nature following it's cycles of life, is pulling us in her vortex of growth, her frequency changes to support movement and manifestation of New Life, and along just like the trees of a Forest, we are waking up with Her!


13 Is the number of moon cycles in a calendar year, Monday is named after the Moon. Full Moon in a day like this brings even more synchronicity related to re-birth, endings and beginnings, and energy detox.

Lots of us have been going through major shifts, if not today, for the past week and we are still in the middle of it.

The last thing that you want is to close your eyes to the obvious, and get scared.


The first thing that you want to do is, remember you are a tree in the Forest.

If the Forest goes through rough times, so will you.

If the Forest is getting ready for a transformation, so are you.

If the Forest is sneezing through the pain of blooming into new life, so will you.


Individuality is nothing but a principle of life, which helps us recognize Unity and act like that from the individual's power to support, to be part of, to add to the big picture and to evolve into a Forest Feeling, Human Nature feeling.


From the Energy perspective, when you are fully Connected and you flow within the Forest, as a Tree you gain the power to absorb and process the right type of energy for you, allowing resonance and personal evolution depending on what you learn to attract and build around you.

When the energy of everything around you tends to go through a change, you stand strongly rooted and connected to the rest of the Forest and no matter how strong the winds are, trusting in the presence of another will always support your transformation and your individual evolution.


There is strength in connection, the Forest wouldn't get to be a forest without the individuality of it's Trees.

Remember your Strength in Connection. Meditate together!



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