....Crystals or no Crystals? this is the question...

Working with Crystals is an ancient art, an art that is as natural as our very existence, an art that puts frequencies of colours together and allows us to transform, to re-create, to exist in a state of pure natural perfection and flow within our energy, connected to the energy of the Universe.


It is widely misunderstood that a Quartz Crystal will "bring you” the abundance, or the love, or the grounding, or the protection.... It is wrongly given false hope that if you hold on to  Quartz Crystal it will change who you are into a much better version and will literally transform your life,….well, it will actually transform your life, but not by holding on to it….


Crystal Quartz is a physical tool, an instrument of energy. By natural structure, the Quartz attracts, stores, amplifies, disperses, emits, focuses and transmits information through energy. A Quartz Crystal is a healing tool because it moves Energy, the actual fuel for this engine that moves energy is YOU, your thoughts, your intentions, you desires, your focus, your will to change, and your ability to flow within yourself. 


The truth is, YOU are able to do the healing work from within your physical body, because your body is a crystalline form/content (silica/collagen and oxygen), YOU are A CRYSTAL, but you are ANIMATED, you are containing a Soul and you are completed by organic matter.

Your Consciousness is moulded by the way you feel and think, a Crystal`s consciousness is set in stone, and carries the Universal information of Natural Perfection. That`s why you need a crystal, to SUPPORT you, to remind your energy structure that it just came out of balance, against the Universal laws, so it is time to get it back into a Crystal Clear form.


A Crystal Quartz will activate in you the awareness of the aspects of your energy that might be closed or missing, in order for you to create what you wish for. It will show you, your belief systems, the mental programming, that stop you from manifesting because you have been told that you “cannot”,...it will show you the emotional imbalance, the negative thinking, and by showing you all that, a Crystal will give you the choice to resonate back into balance, back into natural state of perfection, just like a Crystal Clear body experiencing uplifting emotions and a clear mind.


A Crystal quartz will support your healing, amplify your intention, transmit your thoughts, tune up your voice so the echo that you are sending out from the top of your lungs will resonate back to you 10 times stronger than your initial intention was, reflecting the Universal law of Attraction.

Crystal quartz is your best friend, your guide, your healer, your mirror and your manifestation tool.


Mastering the use of Crystal Quartz you become a master of your own energy, a creator of your own life.


Wearing Crystal jewellery, drinking crystal energy infused water, carrying crystals with you, having them displayed in your living and working space, is the minimum necessary for a balanced, healthy existence, for an easy flow of positive energy and for a purposeful life.


Crystals are carriers of information and they do contribute to the evolution of this civilisation connected to this Planet and being part of this Universe as it is. Silica is the 8th most common element in the Universe as we know it...must be a reason...but why do we even have to extend that much our understanding, when our very pocket holding one of these crystalline forms can actually have an immediate beneficial influence on our existence.


Knowing what crystals to use brings purpose to your intention and manifestation to you wishes. Crystals are not just growing out of the surface of this Planet because this planet couldn`t think of anything better to grow, but they are part of this Nature, of this Earth, of our physical bodies, of our energy fields, and of all that is that surrounds us, as a NATURAL STATE.


If you get to tap into this Natural State, using the Right Crystals through Meditation,

nothing and noone can withhold the Truth from you!





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