....After March Break, First Aid SACRAL CHAKRA kit...

This Chakra gives out the Vibe that attracts your Tribe, and your immediate tribe is your Family, your children, your other-half, parents and not pushing too far, your other relatives and sometimes close friends... this "vibe" is used, and sometimes abused when we get to spend too much time in the immediate presence of all these souls that are very connected to us.


When you get to spend that much time in that close proximity, you engage mostly the energy center - the chakra - that is fueling this kind of energy, the point that defines our relationships, our way to attract, react, sustain and create from this point, this is your Sacral Chakra.


*** Physically this Energy point is connected to your spine from the center of your pelvic floor, extending about 6 inches in a vortex perpendicular to your spine. The energy of this point has the Colour Orange. 


When this point is depleted, you feel bored, annoyed by another’s presence, unable to keep the connection going, your appetite for the relationship concept in itself diminishes in intensity and hits the risk point of disappearing.


When we get in relationships, we tend to overuse the Sacral chakra connection, the attraction, the passion, the idea of “new and exciting” and we most of the times don`t elevate this into the Heart Center, reason why most relationships are rapidly “consumed” and die before you get to understand why,….  it is because in a complex process of creation, there should be higher energy centers involved, your Heart Chakra fuels the energy of “stability” of “being” present and continuous with no condition. Attracting a relationship without engagement of higher energy, settles in the Sacral and feeds upon “drama” (emotional unbalance) until it is consumed.

Same phenomenon applies to intimate relationships and family relationships, alike.


The sacral Chakra energy is responsible for creativity, beginnings, excitement, passion, finding ways to connect in splendour of possibilities, and ways to keep this fire burning as long as we engage the other energy centers.


Our Chakras are not independent entities functioning isolated, but they do engage each other, support each other and feed each other with the needed energy. If at any point, one chakra is used isolated, at overcapacity, it brings blockages in the flow and exhaustion in supply of energy.

Also, the Sacral is the point where we lost physical connection at birth, and the point that we are looking to recover throughout our entire life. Sometimes depending on how drastic our birth process has been, we tend to overwhelm our own children (or parents), to compensate for the pain of detachment and not knowing how to respect freedom and "spacey" bonds...


The Sacral chakra sustains our ability to connect and create, our ability to "design" our existence in cohabitation with others, mainly blood related.

When this chakra is in balance, you feel connected and passionate about creating new energy patterns through cooking, nurturing, gifting, grooming, taking the best care you can of yourself and others around you, alike. When your Sacral is in alignment and vibrant, you are confident and trust your abilities to experience freedom, when there is balance there is freedom in every connection. 

By keeping the connection with our family alive, we are creating an energy field that shields us in any situation and supports us moving through the world. Having a strong family relationship you know you are never alone therefore depression symptoms would never find a place in your emotional system.


Just like a family bond, our chakras are relating to each other, but when the relational activity be


comes overwhelming and exhausting of energy, you need a First Aid Kit!


Wearing Crystals that support your Sacral chakra is the easiest way to replenish this energy, more so, ingesting the energy through Crystal Infused Water gives an immediate boost and supports flow from within. The sense of Smell should not be neglected in the process as it stimulates your energy intake and your intentional balance; The essential Oil that comes with the Kit serves this very purpose, using one drop on the Lava Stone beads of the Bracelet keeps your Sense of fresh energy and emotional balance going strong!


Central issues: sexuality, emotions, financial, creativity, codes of honor and ethics.

Goals: pleasure, healthy sexuality, feeling.

Organs: sexual organs, large intestine, pelvis, kidneys, bladder, appendix, prostate, hip area, all body fluids.

Physical dysfunctions: sexual dysfunctions, reproduction, urinary system issues, loss of appetite for food/sex, chronic lower back pain.





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