Preteens Crystal Meditation starts this Spring, at Phoenix Healing Centre!

About Crystals, encouraging Creativity and stimulating a fearless Mind, meditation sessions designed for preteens,...

welcoming parents in the space.


Allowing the mind to grow creative and unrestricted, is the sacred gift that we owe to our children.


Teaching them to grow into their power and understand their natural abilities to heal, be kind, compassionate and connect with the world, is an art that most parents have forgotten, mostly because they didn`t have the time to properly raise us being too busy trying to make a decent living, or whatever other excuse or real reason our parents might still pull out of their hats....


Thankfully, being born awaken, as a Soul and evolved Consciousness, does not always need the parenting skills and guidance, as most of us who were there already know, that nothing can erase the memory of our Soul unless we chose to do so, and we never do!


But how much easier it would have been if we weren`t medicated for day-dreaming?!? If we would have been sent to meditation instead of detention, and if we wouldn`t have been afraid of saying out loud that we see spirits, and our "imaginary friends" were as real as the clock on the wall.


Stimulating our children to unleash their imagination and cultivate their ability to connect with more than we see with our eyes open, allows this world to grow stronger in Spirit, therefore to evolve in all aspects of life and consciousness.


All young souls, Indigos, Rainbows, Crystal children, Star seeds, all those high spirits that have most of the times difficulties adapting to the rigid "we are all the same, and you are no different" suppressing matrix, that does not cultivate self expression, therefore no respect for others, compassion or connection, all those beautiful Souls that have come here to teach us who we actually are in essence, will lose track of their divine agenda if we don`t give them a chance to BE.


By allowing our children to heal, dream and create, we are giving this World a chance to bring the Truth back for all to see, that we are All One, that we are all born with Love, and that no fear will ever be capable of stopping this civilisation from going it`s way to expressing the most divine essence that stands in the centre of our hearts!


Guide your child to grow a healthy mind!

Meditation is the only pill that works! 

Preteens (5 to 12 years old)

Crystal Meditation   

Saturday April 8th - 11AM 

Price 22$

Please contact me to reserve the spot for your child. Parents are allowed to be present in the space during Meditation if they chose so. 

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