The Deeper your Roots, the Higher your Crown, Root Chakra First Aid Kit...

Your Root energy is all you have when it comes to making the difference between living and surviving, being and loosing yoursef, fighting for what is rightfully yours or just running away from your own self... The Root is all You have to keep you deeply connected to your body, and your body deeply connected with the Life that you are creating for yourself! 


We are most of the times looking up at the High energy points, trying to "aspire higher" craving elevation and lightness, but we forget to anchor ourselves into our Human Nature, we tend to forget our roots, and along with that our identity, or better, where do we Begin to Be... 


*** Physically this Energy point is connected to your spine from the tail bone, extending about 6 inches in a vortex vertical from the base of your Spine towards the ground. The energy of this point has the frequency of the Colour Red. 


We are the Universe Embodied, and when we chose to step into this body, we knew that day will come when our wondering heart will look for our Self, our Home, our Light.

And here we are standing, under the shadow of so many Moons, with all the Light of the UNiverse pouring into our physical veins and filling us up with memories of all times...and with all this power, we cannot seem to find ourselves.... 


Our world is like an Ancient Forest that keeps being cut and reborn on Earth, we are born like trees and our roots are deeply connected to the center of this planet, or body is a manifestation of a dense vibration, just like our planet, we are all Vibration - dense physical and subtle invisible - body and soul - we come together connected through our roots to the Mother, and to ALL ... Growing up we lost the memory of our roots, we think that looking up to the Sky we will find our salvation, and memory, and help, and guidance, .... and we look like lost bubbles of Light disconnected from the base as humans, and therefore disconnected from each other, bumping into each other and bursting into soul`ar explosions in pain and confusion because we don`t understand the very dynamics of our existence.


Connection is all we crave! We seem unable to connect with others because we don`t know how to connect with our own sadness, pain and illusion of detachment, we float....


Time has come now to remember that the source of Life IS Physical, we are here because we are Physically Tight to our Bodies and to the Earth Source that we chose as Home. The very BASE of our life stands in our Roots, in our ability to create our foundation so we can build on it in complete connection to ourselves and all that is.


This Planet has raised it`s frequency, it is time for us to strengthen our connection to it!


Growing up means growing down in our Roots and have the wisdom that all there is, connects in the Root, in the very frequency of the ground, our bodies are connected through Roots inside the planet - you can call it Gravity if that eases your mind! - if you take a moment and FEEL your roots you will be able to connect to ANYONE AND ANYTHING that your Soul desires, you are able to bring into manifestation in your life ALL that is, you are able to SEE and FEEL yourself for who you are: an Essence of a Human Miracle!


You cannot run away from yourself forever, your Roots will pull you down because this Planet needs us to be stable, healthy and strong.

Wake up inside the Earth and you will find yourself, a God.



The energy of the ROOT CHAKRA 

Central issues: survival, stability, acceptance, self-preservation, perception, deep-rootedness, grounding, fear and safety.

Goals: stability, grounding, physical health, trust, prosperity.

Organs: skeletal system, base of spine, legs, feet, rectum, physical body support, blood.
Physical dysfunctions: frequent illness, bowel disorders, bones, teeth, legs and feel problems, skin diseases, eating disorders, depression, lower back pain , sciatica, lack of energy.





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