Create Healthy Boundaries, keep your Energy Clean, Meditate!

Just like you are choosing, and taking care of the space you live in, same should apply to your energetic space that you are surrounded by, as long as you live in your physical body.It is so obviously mirrored in your daily life, but it requires attention and constant care in order for the energy to flow in the way you want it to.


Ignoring this natural energy principle, brings consequences translated into being unable to let go, get crowded in your own space, get tangled and drained by energy that does not belong to you, or never did, but you allowed it to trespass and forgot to manage the detachment, clearing and disposing of it.


Easier to understand how it works, you dispose of your home garbage on a daily basis, and you take your daily shower to keep your physical space clean... why wouldn`t you chose to do the same with your energy...??


One of the most evident mirror of crossing boundaries is manifested into physical reality through people around you, starting with your family, immediate friends, colleagues, patients, people that simply physically show up so close to you and they don`t really like to let go of you, because you forgot to set your healthy space boundary. So they linger in your energetic space creating confusion, disruption of flow, delays in your path, or simply discomfort, energetic and physical the same...the question that you should ask is not "why they wouldn`t leave your space?" the correct question is " why would you still allow them to trespass your boundaries?" ....It is a 2 way game, polarities are the basic principle of our existence, but selfishness is a condition to survival!


So why is it that "things happen to you only" and how to stop the game and turn it in your favour?here is some food for thought...


Over aeons of your existence - all recorded in your Soul Print and added to your DNA blood information - you have crossed paths and shook more or less energetic hands, with countless beings, energy forms agreeing with principles, laws, contracts, understandings, promises and all sorts of "boundaries" that made you, in different times and spaces, "connected" or even worse, "dependent" on the situation/being by agreement. All of these have happened for a reason , for the very reason of your evolution as a Soul, and for your awareness as a common consciousness.

At the end, we all evolve together and our personal experiences are just adding to the bigger image of our collective aspect. You cannot evolve by yourself in a retarded world... :) and for survival reasons, you are always born in a world where you find your "fit in" with the main purpose of evolving.Now, cleaning your energetic space is a basic need in order to move forward in an environment that is designed to help you evolve without going through the experience of pain or any other low frequency reactions, that tear your energy apart and deplete you of life force.


But for this to happen there are 2 conditions to meet: be aware and be willing.


Awareness comes through knowing from a higher perspective and choosing what is beneficial for you, what helps, what completes, what uplifts, what transforms.

Willingness comes in when you are looking at things outside of your fears.


Here is something very important to remember: Nobody, and Nothing happens to you by mistake. Even in those moments when you don`t know what hit you, it did so, because you, in some way/shape/or form, allowed it to, or called it in. No matter how it happens and why, you always have the power to stop it, and send it back to it`s source, but NEVER by fighting it! Healing is not about fighting but rather accepting, understanding, setting boundaries and elevating..You always have the last word when it comes to your evolution as a Soul, as an aware form of consciousness.You can always say "I am closing this because this does not serve me any good any longer".


By closing old contracts/understandings/promises, you are detaching energy cords from you and putting an end to energy loss, or contamination.That is how you clean your Energy Space, that is how you set healthy boundaries so they won`t be tress-passed against your will again.

What happens if they do? I call that "energetic space invasion" and that has different way of dealing with, that we might get a chance to channel in the future when it will be needed. First step to cleaning your space is to become aware and willing to.

Meditation is your natural way to do so!



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