Shine painfully bright, just like a Diamond... Meditate!

Spring, New Beginnings, New Life, New Light, New You!


It seems like lately, just like DIAMOMDS, our energy has been exposed to many rough treatments, many Full Moons and waaay too many Eclipses, retrogrades and other sky alignments that had the only Universal intention to "shape" us into something better, something new and something shiny through multiple aspects of life.

Just like a DIAMOND we got out of this astrology vortex polished into Higher Spirits, Aware Souls, maybe painfully, but more understanding of the process, and definitely Stronger than at the very beginning of this journey.


Along with this Spring Astrological Break that we are getting, just enough to calm our breath and snap out of energy vertigo, there hasn`t been any better time than NOW, to embrace the Cycle of Spring, the New Energy, and allow ourselves to stay connected with the Source of all emerging life and flow within it, learn how to grow and how to reflect this new Light into all the facets of our Soul.


We are still allergic-ally going through this New Spring, hesitant, a bit cold, a bit shiny, a bit windy, all together a bit Fresh and Light full....

Seeds of energy thoughts and wishes that you have planted previously with the intention to experience them sprouting, are already seeing the Light and so your Energy Body, you are seeing and Reflecting through your facets, many rays that shine together into A New You....A Painfully Bright You!


No better way to remind yourSELF of your Bright Light, than wearing a Herkimer DIAMOND Bracelet, containing Lava stone beads, carriers of the Essential Oil of your choice, fresh Lemongrass, sensual Ylang Ylang, visionary Frankincense or refreshing and regenerating Rosemary, and surrounded by black gems that remind you that the darkness is the one that makes the Light Shine Brighter!


Be the Light and see the darkness around,...awareness of both aspects of life is essential in understanding your choices and your lessons!



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