Clear your Bathtub with the needed frequency of using, Meditate with the needed frequency of living!

Before you fly, there is a need to be still and gather your forces, that time is called building momentum, that is the energy time of NOW, of every Now.


Living your life in a momentum gives you the ability to be aware, to flow while you are not only dreaming, but building your experience of life as you go through it.


Momentum concept defines a versatile ability to be and move in the same time, to cross through veils and create magic! This is the Energy of a Healing Meditation.


NOW is the very point that defines you as a Presence, when you are in NOW, you EXIST, you stand, you shine, you have overcome your past, and you are launching into your future, YOU ARE, and being present is what we have forgotten to do.

We are dwelling for too long in the past, regretting the things we have not done or feeling wrong for the decisions we`ve made, and we are scheduling our life into the future forgetting to build the energy for it, to prepare the space for it, to clear, balance and focus so that the scheduled future will actually unfold the way we put our heart and intention towards.


We have developed the routine of plunging into the future energy, with the instincts of “doing” without preparing the path for it.

Most of the times when we fail, we wonder why did that happen, and we are looking for an outside source to blame, because we fear what we don`t understand, and it becomes even more scarry when the misunderstanding is generated by an inside source that we didn`t pay attention to, to start with. 


It`s like you prepare a bathtub to take a relaxing bath, and you start the water and place all those oils, and candles, and bubbles, and aromatic salts, and you go further and get yourself the glass of wine on the side, and you even close the door behind, but before all of this experience you have forgotten to wash the bathtub.... the same happens in the energy and life experiences, before you live and experience, it is "healthy" to prepare your space, to clear the energy and remove any possible obstacles or low frequencies that might interfere, infest your energy, or redirect your initial intention.

The charm of life shouldn’t stand in failure, pain and challenges, but instead it should stand in opening to the natural ability to see and flow from a higher level of consciousness which is ALWAYS found in the NOW.


Even more challenging it becomes when we forget to wash the bathtub over centuries and lifetimes and the common consciousness gets cemented in the old ways, and the clearing that we keep doing, as awakened beings, is nothing but a scratch at the surface.


Clear your Bathtub with the needed frequency of using, Meditate with the needed frequency of living!


Any kind of Soul-full practices is regenerating that part of you, that is most of the times dragged through life inside your body,... your body that moves forward like a machine programmed by a reality that is completely discomforting for you, but you`ve been thought fear of limited possibilities and wrong choices, topped by lack of connection and support from others.


Meditation, Energy Healing, Contemplation, Yoga, Forest Bathing, Hiking, Circle Gathering, Ceremonies, Divinations, any practice that pushes your thoughts aside and allows your heart to fully feel life as you breathe through it, is able to recharge you, eliminate anxiety, fears, depression, lack or inability to express or connect.


Don’t let your Nature die inside, don`t let your life pass you by, as you hide behind the wall that has been created for you at so many Levels.

Connection to NOW allows opening to Essence and natural reaching out to others for balance, support and healthy relationships.




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