Un-signing Soul Contracts...

Soul contracts have always been a form of bonding souls and energy throughout dimensions, times and spaces, bonds that have set the dynamics of our individual lives according to common agreements that are not necessarily serving individual purpose but rather depletes individual of power in order to make the collective move forward for a different purpose, ignoring personal freedom or free will laws.


Soul contracts are usually very connected to stages in one`s life that serve the evolution of consciousness and the awareness of individual.


Our life goes through cycles and stages that numerology defines through energetic value from 1 to 9. Every 10 years a cycle ends and another major one begins.

2017 (2+0+1+7=10= 1) is the year with the frequency of number 1, ending an old cycle and allowing New Energy to start again, better, stronger, more aware and elevated in consciousness. But to be all that, One needs to be FREE, and the primary condition for your Soul`s Elevation into Freedom is clearing of old contracts from the stand point of complete sovereignty and power - examples reflected in reality such as changing jobs/careers, divorces, breakups, moving in/out, or sometimes leaving people behind, in many ways...


1 is the number of God, Source of all life, humanity as one, one as free individual, supreme power concentrated in one main point that will ignite and create, re-create, co-create in perfect detachment and connected to limitless potential.

1 is where you want to start not only a new year, but a new life a new perspective a new opportunity to live in harmony with the essence of your being.

 1 is the energy symbol of your freedom acting in complete alignment with who you chose to be, not what others want from you, not what others would ask you to be, not what others might remind you that you owe, not what others would prefer you to live like and definitely NOT like anyone else is asking you feel guilty of because of an old soul contract signed against your will, or excluding your rights as a free soul!


These ''happenings'' are extended throughout this entire year, depending on personal alignment and they become more obvious or consequential in the key points of Moon Cycles, Eclipses or other Astrological phenomena.


The energy that is released with this Full Moon, LUNAR ECLIPSE right ON THE DAY of our Meditation, and also the 08.08 Energy Portal opening, ALL these are supreme symbols of AWAKENING, engaging us not only into releasing the past, but un-signing the past, un-be-living the past, re-writing your soul contracts that did not serve your best interest and acting like 1 towards the next cycle to come.

Soul contracts are signed with family, friends, partners, work associates, all people that are in any way shape or form connected with you in this lifetime. Not all hold supportive energy or serve your interest, but they are definitely all here to help you see the difference, to become aware and to ultimately give you the power to choose for yourself when the energetic time of moving forward has come. 


Discover your contracts, detach and re-write your next decade of your linear life-time by making a choice towards freedom!

Join me in meditation!




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