Full Moon panic, Easter guilt, and Universal Truth... it`s a party, and we are ALL invited!!

What is energetically happening


Feels like this Pink Full Moon along with all the retrogrades going on in the sky at this time, have been thrown us all in for a loop, and it is a loop that forces energy to move backwards before we straighten it up and get back on the forward track...


The main reflected reason that we are feeling this way, and we are going all backwarded directions in the past, is the Easter time coming up.

Culturally and very deep imbedded in our common consciousness is the Easter syndrome of, we are all guilty for something that has happened 2500 years ago, and we "pay for it"... more so now that we are getting ready to celebrate it. Truth is, energetically we are actually paying for it, for destortion in Truth that we have created. 


How many times are we actually looking at the "after" the cross moment and what has happened when Jesus resurrected, and how much symbolism and Light comes from the message of Awakening and living one`s Truth as One with God.... we are, through cultural bonds, looking mostly at the suffering and the unfairness and the treason and the guilt that we couldn’t do anything to prevent it from happening, but actually we witnessed it tossing in the same pain for 2500 years now... even more significant is that we are looking at the resurrection as something that He can only do, and He is reuniting with God and all, but it is seen as too holy and far up there in the sky to be done by any human as he died for us, and now we have to deal with it....


 Past consequences in immediate reality


It blows my mind how much fear and self-inflicting pain a human being can get through, just by hearing one simple sentence "Jesus had died for your sins"..... Energetically, this scar of fear that has been going on for thousands of years, has crippled so many souls leaving them in hope that someone else outside will come and save them, therefore making mistakes is "human"....

We got it all sooo wrong, as Christ Consciousness memory had a complete opposite message for humanity, but then again, would this have evolved into a controllable easy human matrix that right now ended up not only living in fear and underestimation, but feeding an entire social system with the last beat of heart energy that we got still going in our subconscious side, to interests that do not serve any of our Highest Good....

Being God is what we are, playing God is what we are doing wrong.

Who am I to tell the Truth?? I am a soul who has never been separated from the Light of God,... and Jesus, just like me, knew that, and gave us the information as Universal Truth, the choice of what to do with it was taken, not wrong, not right, but in alignment with the evolution of human consciousness.


Immediate consequences of far past realities


Any physical symptom in these times, is immune system related. This full moon is "pink" for a reason; pink is the color of your immune system of your High Heart.If your high heart is off balance or holding on to past energy cords and contracts, the immune will be challenged and manifest in your life as emotional instability, sadness, confusion, physically any of the energy point related can be affected depending how strong you are in any of them, heart - allergies, root - flu, fever related sickness, blood pressure, physical exhaustion or inability to recharge through sleep, any infection, sacral - UTIs, irregular periods, pelvic floor pain, constipation, IBS, solar-stomach pain, anxiety, indigestion, liver tension, , third eye - migraines tension headaches , throat chakra- vertigo, hearing problems, shoulder and neck pain, the list can go on..... we are all challenged because one way or the other, we are faced once more in full Light of the moon with our old ways of seeing/doing things.

You are not going anywhere forward looking at the past fearing it. Pain and physical discomfort are a reflection of loss of energy balance, our body is a manifestation of our energy and the way it functions shows the way our energy flows or gets stuck and becomes heavy or impossible to move at times.

Opening to energy work and healing through Meditation is one sure way of shining Light upon your Spirit and helping you understand your personal reflection of the Common evolution and ultimately the Universal laws applying.


Final thoughts


And as I am writing this, I hear a song playing...

"no Love without Freedom

no Freedom without Love"...


May This Easter awaken the wisdom, healing, unconditional Love and Joy in your life!

May you have the power in your heart to change this world by awakening Jesus in you!

And may this Full Moon shine on the Truth of the God that you are! 

Blessings to all!



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