Let the Sun Shine, Solar Plexus Chakra First Aid Kit... anxiety relief!!!

Your Solar Plexus energy is all you have when it comes to expressing individual power in a living environment. The Structure of any human habitat is reflected in the social system, the way we relate to each other and we take responsibility for individual tasks.

Power, the way we express individual, personal power, the way we build our life in relation or dependency to others, the way we strategize and implement movement in the energy in order to advance, to change, to build forward.


*** Physically this Energy point is connected to your spine from the stomach, extending forward from your solar plexus about 6 inches in a vortex. The energy of this point has the frequency of the Colour Yellow.


One of the most difficult aspect to deal with, when it comes to Solar Power is the contracts that we sign over lifetimes with all souls that we have lived with, and the relationships we have established with these souls based on commitment.

From this perspective, The Solar Plexus always allows opportunity and choice to Heal.


The Solar Plexus holds - on the negative side - the energy print of dependency contracts, un-honoured promises, disappointing cords connecting us to contracts that have not been honoured, or contracts that we have signed without having full disclosure of the content or reading the "fine print".

Over lifetimes, and ALSO IN THE PRESET LIFE we do commit in order to relate, we are not living alone in any world, and conviviality requires commitment. When a commitment, a vow, is broken, by any of the sides, one suffers of loss of energy, sometimes depletion, losing identity, power, and creating blockages in the Solar Plexus area that eventually turn into Anxiety symptoms, that is the most common when it comes to tight and very negative dynamics of energy.

Energy cords and attachments have as favourite gripping spot the Solar Plexus, because that is where you express personal power from, once that door is closed, you are annihilated as individual and "others" can manipulate and have control over your movement of energy in any aspect.

Any contract that does not present and support mutual benefits is a violation to Soul Freedom, therefore an invasion of Solar Personal space!


On the Positive side of this Solar Power, when one associates with others in full disclosure of contracts, commitments and promises, having a healthy energy flow of freedom in related action, one`s life becomes Abundant, radiant, joyful and Free from all aspects of Soul.


Your Solar Plexus is the energy point that holds your signature as an individual. Your Free-will is completely connected to your signature print, be careful where you place it.


A clear Solar Power Energy is capable of manifesting with natural ease anything that is held in intention, complete flow of Abundance, Joy and Freedom to Build, Support and Express. This Energy Pint is MOVING the energy like a river bed allows the water to flow within it, clears whatever is not needed and takes one on purposeful Journeys.


The energy of the Solar Plexus CHAKRA

Central issues: power, self-esteem, self-image, energy, will, responsibility.

Goals: vitality, purpose, strength of will, leading.

Organs: digestive system, stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, small intestine.
Physical dysfunctions: arthritis, ulcers, digestive disorders, colon, anorexia or bulimia, food allergies, diabetes.


Clear your Solar Plexus, move forward in life expressing freedom of choice,

and decisions that are serving your Highest Good!


WAYS to HEAL - check my website for details!

A Crystal Healing session is always a powerful way to consider eliminating any energy blockages, clearing energy centres, detaching any energy cords, and re-establishing balance.

Crystal Meditation is a natural need for your body to connect with your soul and understand energy dynamics, offering an opportunity to correct, change, heal the energy flow.

Crystal Jewellery recommended for the Solar is: Citrine, Yellow Calcite, Tiger`s Eye, Pyrite, Mookaiite, Yellow Jasper, Bronzite, Petrified Wood.

Crystal Infused Water is one of the fastest ways for your body to integrate Crystal Energy and allow it to make healing changes from within.




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