Is self-love enough to make you feel connected?? Sacral Chakra regenerating Meditation

Everything in the energy world has 2 ends, 2 sides, 2 related aspects, 2 choices, 2 polarities..... even if we take the self-love concept it implies 2 elements, the Love that Yourself shows, and Yourself whom is shown the love to....therefore you would not function, to begin with, if it wasn`t for you to be looking from outside at yourself and bringing into your energy space the needed element that will heal, complete, support, make you feel better about your own self.


Have you ever wondered why we often make the mistake to consider that enough?? is self-love, self-esteem, self-gratification, self-recognisance, self-appreciation, self-respect, and any other self-service, enough for you to feel connected?? have you ever had the experience of no matter how much self-work we might spiritually do, we crave the other-side, we still feel "insufficiently" loved unless part of it will be shown to us from the outside, from an-other?


Our life by definition is an experience of connection, starting with your connection with your body. When you Ground into your body you reflect the connection within, that starts the experience and shows outside into "another being is born". If it wasn`t for the outside world to acknowledge your presence and to establish the connection with you, creating in many aspects, the space for another presence, you would NOT EXIST!

Our existence is supported by an outside reflection of life and connection.

The "illusion" that we are disconnected at birth, is NOT AN ILLUSION" it is a fact! Our entire journey through life is a craving to re-connect, to get back into the One-ness state, from the connection with the Mother, back to connection with the common consciousness, therefore with our God-Source....

Therefore we keep reaching out and sending love, sending support, sending light, sending money, sending out pretty much everything that would be needed from us at times to allow others to replenish with energy and heal, or move forward, or simply exist through the connection that we provide.

Not once has happened when we feel like we are doing everything for everyone else and forget or not allow ourselves the time to get all that back to allow the reflection of our existence which is reaching out to support, to mirror back at us, to regenerate and help us keep our balance.


Fortunately, energy is NEVER LOST, and never wasted, as one of the basic laws of the Universe, The Law of Vibration, is stating that everything in the Universe vibrates, moves, and travels in circular patterns. So all that energy that you have always used to send out to others, is eventually getting back to you, and in that moment someone from somewhere will just manifest in your life and bring that energy back through outside appreciation, gratification and recognition. If it wouldn’t be for the people around us to show us that we are loved, we wouldn’t find any sense in the love that we might be able to show ourselves, just because any connection is nothing but a reflection of an inside energy.

If you genuinely love yourself, you will be also loved from outside by someone else just the same. We are all mirrors. 


When we sit in meditation and work on this connecting energy, we work with multiple energy points/Chakras, to revive and heal the primary connection to our Tribe, our Blood Family, and equally our Soul Family. That sacred connection that we are looking to replenish is instantly regenerated and transforms our entire system into a Connected Being from Within and never Without!



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