Sense deprivation Meditation fishing for the right thoughts...

The mind game, which is an energy reflection on a daily basis in our lives, is to think, and by thinking we are creating thought associations, relating either constructive thoughts, that create our future reality, put together projects, finalise and manifest dreams, re-create and co-create our life as it unfolds OR depending on how energy moves in our environment, dictated by the astrological moves and the Signs that we all wear, we use deconstructive thinking by keeping stuck in the past, regretting things we haven’t done, or feeling guilty for what we have done wrong.


All these past oriented thinking patterns are  the ones that are reflecting stuck energies, densities that have created shields, keeping energy cords connected to other souls and depleting us or dragging us backwards or down, or both.


The process of being stuck in time and milling deconstructive thoughts is similar to the process of fishing. From a point of lack of any other activity, we are lounching our sensory hooks, every sense in your body  - smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing – is a trigger for  memory, if you allow your senses to keep you hooked to your memories, you are turning your back to your own energy flow.

And that is what we seem to be doing especially when the aggravation of the fishing process builds in anxiety, fear, depression, stress, lack of motivation, and other energy dis-comfort that we diagnose and suppress by not letting it go, clearing or loosen up our hooks.  


Our senses are the most powerful triggers for memories, if we re-orient the target of our triggered memories into the positive ones, the elevated memories, the ones that have built our foundation as healthy beings, we have successfully restored our energy and our fishing process is catching energy to release, not to hold on to it, ingest it and get sick afterwards.  

A meditation practice that allows all your sensory hooks to release thought patterns that don`t serve you is the one blissful way towards healing and recharging with positive, constructive thoughts that will get to reshape your reality and bring purpose to your life.


During this meditation the only sense stimulated will be the hearing, and the guidance given through hearing will allow energy to move and elevate.


This Meditation is very suitable for all those who have a busy mind and thought patterns that seem to look more into the sad, fearful, regretful past. It will give you an opportunity to refresh your mind and rearrange your thoughts into a constructive, positive, powerful way.



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