Remembering and awakening Egyptian energy...

When it comes to remembering the history of your soul, it runs so far and for so long and so complex that the entanglement of realities, circumstances and experiences, tend to become overwhelming and confusing at times. 


..... "what do you mean I have Egyptian energy, and what about the fairies or the elves, ....and where does my fear for space come from, and how come I chose to live on a paycheck when my family of Light is just waiting for me to snap out of it and take care of more elevated experiences..??..." 


As individuals we do live in a world that has a common consciousness history, and that history governs in an energy field all across every single one of us, and runs through theDNA information and connects us all with no exception. Just like a forest, we are the trees and if you sometimes remember the forest`s memories that is because, at some level, they are also yours. You have a choice to fiter your point of perception, eiter to choose to be part of the Forest and grow with it, remember IT, or to be the falling tree that has accepted to be cut and taken away because you have grown enough and out of your contracts and you are closing on this loop. 


As part of this Forest -World, we have been all exposed as Souls to the Common Consciousness of the Egyptian Civilisation, as it existed before in other civilisations, and even after falling, it has risen into others that have taken over the energy print and have expressed it in different other ways, shapes and forms.


The Egyptian Energy is the Golden Light that this World would not have had the chance to evolve without. It`s like an existential condition, just like we need the Sun to sustain life, we need the Solar Plexus to bridge us into our body and we need the Egyptian example of power to teach us how to build so it will last, how to walk so we will leave a trace, how to believe so we will manifest, how to know the underworld so we can shine above it, how to chose our Lands and stand on them, defend them and express Power through knowledge, wisdom and Order.


Working with, and aligning with Egyptian Energy, one discovers personal and Universal Truths that are already out there in the open, but not shining the light in the right direction, one may be passing by without experiencing alignment, which makes the experience confusing and painful. The Egyptian Energy holds the Light of the Sun on whatever One chooses to see, chooses to be-live in, chooses to be part of.


In your individual Energy System, the Egyptian Energy is held in the Solar Plexus area, below that, in a chakra that is less explored unless one chooses to see and activate it. The frequency color of this Chakra is Gold. 

This Chakra is responsible for your Evolution as a Soul in this lifetime, but as part of a Forest-World, where you become aware of the System and the aspects that are blindly enslaving or brightly supporting your Free-Will choices towards freedom, and that freedom is expressed into the immediate reality as being dependant on a job, a space, another person, an energetic entity or a Soul Contract that tied you down into this reality. 


Bringing awareness in this area one evolves into seeing the Real Order of things, the Real Flow of Energy, and the Real Connections as far as we are individually involved in.


Shining the Golden Light upon our reality brings understanding, acceptance and ultimately Freedom by not feeding into a System that does not equally or rightfully recharge your energy. 


Sooner or later your True Essence will lead you towards recognizing and reshaping yourreality from the perspective of Personal Freedom and Power, as the Frequency of our Civilisation has risen to the point of no one can keep your eyes closed anymore, BUT YOURSELF! 


Joining a Healing Group Meditation is always your best choice to bring yourself into Balance, Alignment and set your track back into moving forward.



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