Grounding, Breaking, Healing and other Magic Stuff people do ....

As a highly evolved Human, you have become a Being of this World by Connecting within yourself from 2 sides, as opposite and as different as it gets, but the stronger the difference, the stronger the balance, the more powerful the healing, and the healthiest the lived experience of Life: You are a Soul, you have a Body. 


When your soul Chooses to check in, into this existence, you are establishing a "grounding" connection into your physical body, uncomfortable at times, but a perfect vessel for your experience.

So as you go through life, your living process is created out of a series of Experiences that have an Energy value, and that can be Positive - Light, or Negative - Heavy.

Putting together all possible experiences, you get to create, destroy, re-member, mold into, or simply flow through or push your way through.

All this Living experience, if you are not paying attention to the energy patterns that you are creating, is most likely hitting you by surprise, and if not healed, or corrected, it takes  you waaaay down into complete disruption of your Spirit and Body alike.


The Earth that we walk on, has, just as the space that your soul comes from, an energy value, a Frequency, that we call "Shuman resonance" or "the frequency of healing", or the easiest and most powerful way, "GROUNDING".

Grounding means the experience of CONNECTING, discharging, and EXCHANGINGenergy with the physical environment that you live in.

By Grounding one should understand that when you are/stand connected with the physical frequency of the Earth, one has the natural ability to allow through the Physical body, discharge of energy that is "heavy", this process should naturally happen through Energy Gravity!

Any Energy that is Heavy, un-comfortable, and literally "weighs" you down should be naturally allowed to be pulled by the gravity of the Earth and taken over by the Grounding energy, to be transformed.

Grounding means, in essence, taking over energy in order to elevate, transform, re-use for a higher purpose. 


Your Spirit side, has the only Function in this life experience, to observe and Exist in the living, weather it is of Joy, Pain, Love or any other shape/form of experience.

You as a Soul DO NOT need to Understand the experience, you just Live it, You as a Body governed by a Brain, NEED to Understand the experience, therefore you are relating to it, analyzing it, amplifying it or dim it down, depending on your Thought Patterns

.....  if you keep a Positive Mind, you create Positive Thoughts, you create Positive outcomes of the energy environment you live in, IF you hold a Negative Mind pattern, you create low frequency Thoughts that unfold into Immediate reality into low frequency consequences. 


These are THE BASICS of any Energy Experience, beyond, and also connected to any soul/body experience/life.


We have unfortunately created for ourselves an environment that does not allow us to naturally discharge our Negative experiences, our low frequency thought patterns by simply controlling 2 major things in any Body - the feet and the Third eye!

The feet are your PLUG connection to the Earth, and we chose to wear Shoes, Plastic, electrostatic, cutting off energy soles, not to mention we got right up there on HEELS to make sure we kill the vibe...... and the Third Eye (your pineal gland) so easily intoxicated with food, water, air and an education system that pretty much trains us to "follow".


WE KNOW WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED, WE DON`T KNOW WHAT WE KNOW!!! The only way to know what you know is found in Meditation. 


Any established Grounding connection is followed by the process of Breaking,  when we do it in an unconscious way, we feel like "it just happened" and all of a sudden everything feels like falling apart, breaking, unleashing sadness, pain, frustration, inability to make any decision, to move anywhere forward and even to Trust ourselves in the process. Soemtimes, when the Grounding is delayed and the energy becomes damaging, we fall under the physical dis-ease....

This is The first Step, and the ONLY ONE towards Healing! 


BREAKING DOWN IS NECESSARY, and it is breaking "down" because the blockages in the energy were so heavy that our system could not hold on to the weight anymore and finally allowed it to be released into the ground for transformation. 

The Process of breaking is always a process of emptying out, depleting, and decomposing, in nature, making space by dropping off any energy loads that have served the purpose and were stored as a waste in our personal space for too long... 


BREAKING DOWN is UPLIFTING as it allows one`s energy to receive new frequencies, lighter material to work with in the process of Manifesting and re-creating one`s reality, life experience. 


Every time you break down and your energy gets released into the Grounding process, you are gifted with the opportunity to recharge with new frequencies, to re-construct yourself as a new Crystalline form, in perfect Natural Balance, just like anything else in Nature, anything that is connected and follows the natural Order, the cycled path. 


What we tend to do, while breaking down, is holding on to that energy and getting the feeling that we are sinking with it, being dragged by it, or buried by it, rarely we remember to Trust that any cycle, just like any Detox, feels worse before feeling any better.

By not letting go of what is dragging us down we delay the process of healing, healing of behaviours, thought patterns, relationships, addictions, falling back into the same loop repeating the same "mistakes", all this being nothing but decisions that we make for how much and how fast do we let go of waste energy. 


Healing is, in the process, the last step of becoming Magically better!

Healing is what we are all seeking for, and we all expect an invisible hand to pull us out of our molasses, or our mind and wash us right through, and hold the new Lantern for us, just so we can snap out of it and let all pumpkins transform into chariots, and mice into horses, and our old energy into a princess dress.....we run away from the obvious because we already know that we pushed the limits, but when it comes to leaving the shoes behind, to allow grounding, to allow connection and weightless in the process, we still HOLD ON to ONE damn SHOE!


The human Brain, is instinctually afraid of change, it takes change as a challenge, as an unknown element that may be dangerous and unsafe, and it shields you by making you try so hard to hold on to your shoes, but your mind is your tool that can help you chose, either to keep stumbling in heaviness, or JUST LET GO, and face the New Open Space, bare feet, happy to exist in the opportunity to be Inspired and TO BUILD something better, higher in frequency, closer to your Soul`s desire.



Join me in Meditation ...



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