August... Lions, Portals, Power, Soul Contracts.... meditating on Sunshine!

..... Starting already to feel like August will be one of the most powerful months energetically, so far this year, we have built this energy up to this point where it seems like we are walking out of the eye of the storm and hitting it full face... 


Meditating this month is not only a necessity; it will definitely feel like a MUST. 


This month is all about the Mind and everything connected to it, which is pretty much our entire process of living....reason why we should connect more with the Soul just to allow balance to be restored in our energy and environment.


August is the month of the Solar Plexus, it is the month of the Leo which is expression of personal Power and Freedom in all aspects of self. All this brings the re-membering of the Egyptian energy print that involved the Sun, God Ra as the God of all creation and the expression of supreme power over this worlds and the Others alike. 


August is the time that moves energy in waves of ROOOOOARS, waves of determined power and expression of unleashing chains in order to break through and evolve, feel better, feel free.


Tension seems to build up in every relation-connection that involves power, job-bosses, supervisors, coworkers, friends competing, family contracts, insufficiently balanced personal relationships, ..... if you find yourself single, the need for a mate, the need for balance in related power seems to be aggravated now. 


The energy point that gets the HITS, is the SOLAR PLEXUS. Even if it feels like you are finding yourself in an ''emotional rollercoaster'' or ''meltdown'', it is not the Emotional aspect that plays the cause, it is the Solar Energy, the cords that establish your connection-relation to others around you. All those cords become pulled to the point of Anxiety, Unsettling, lack of Motivation, negative thinking patterns, pessimism, and down low we go.... 


All these related aspects were one way or another settled, in old times or even recently, bysigning contracts that are not supporting your energy, understandings that are not allowing you to move forward, promises that were broken, or commitments that at the time seemed right, but now as the energy has changed and revealed the real reasons, might just keep your freedom to seem so hard to reach, never mind embrace..... 


Energy Contracts are connected to the Solar Plexus.


The ROOOOOOAR of a Lion, in these limitation-like situations, should NOT be a call for Fight! The roar of a Lion should NOT express energy of violence, fear, and discharge of rage or any other frustration aspects that might surface. 


This month, under the lands filled with Sunshine energy, we have the chance to SEE it all in full LIGHT, to become aware of what is restricting us, pulling us back, tearing us apart, what exactly and to whom might we have promised, signed a contract or understandingwith, that right now HAS TO EXPIRE, has to be over, has to be un-signed and detached from, keeping in the highest intention that both parts have to agree and let go, just so all will gain Freedom and open roads ahead to evolve, create and support from the perspective of Free Will, Compassion and Mutual Tolerance based on understanding.  


The ROOOOOAR of the Lion inside you should call for Freedom, Power, and Standingin the center of your Energy Territory, Expressing Free Will and Ownership.

You own your Energy, therefore your Experience; you make your decisions with Clarity and Determination to Build Strength, Wisdom and Love.

You Meditate to Clear, Clean and Balance.

You are The Lion, and your Roar brings Power in such a Gentle and Loving way that nothing and noone can stand in the way of such High Vibration, unless they resonate at that level! 


The August Meditations will be a series that will make sense considering the Energy that will rise up to challenge us.



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