After Eclipse and Summer....Energy Shower....


After Eclipse and Summer, energy shower...

Thursday 31st Aug. 7:30PM

What now ?!?! 

You have just been drenched by a sudden bucket of dark waters brought up by the Eclipse,..... old energies to be washed, old memories to trigger emotional releases, lots of past that needed to be shed.

The main after-eclipse symptoms are tiredness, stomach pain/flu, breathing problems, allergies, headaches, dizziness, light-headiness, feeling that the time is flying waaay faster than you have ever experienced it, and the list of discomfort and weirdness can go on, as we are all being hit in different points depending where the block in energy might be carried, or where we are at in our journey level of perception. 

Truth is: NOONE at this point, is anywhere near being "dried off"! The wetness of the energy is symbolized by body fluid releases (tears included) and outside it gets reflected in the meteorological phenomena known as rain, rain, rain..... 


You have a choice...


...sit drenched and wait for the energy do dry up on it`s own, that is usually the way to say, if I sit here quietly and don`t do anything it`s going to go away by itself anyways..... and so it will, but just imagine that sensation of that water drying off on your clothes and shrinking them onto your skin, that feeling of tightness and now already starting to get itchy, maybe some scratches follow up your movement in the dryness, maybe some bacteria digging open wounds in your energy skin, and all this because you dried off in a passive, careless way, or maybe felt too much pain to even move and do something about it, or you simply brought up the "I don`t have time for this" idiom that shoves your self-care somewhere on the fine print of a carefully scheduled agenda that doesn`t include YOU in it, but stuff you "have to do" ... 




you can meditate, you can release the energy that came up to be cleared, the old that came up to be transformed, and the heaviness that came up to be raised into lightness and healing.

You have a choice to take an energy shower and clear the residual feelings/thoughts/reactions/behaviours that are part of your past, and look at the New clear water of energy bringing freshness in your life, home, business, relationships, and more important in your own way to look at life, see it and move through the experience of it for what you have created out of it so far, go on and embrace the new chances, choices and opportunities to come. You have a choice to prepare yourself for the Scheduled agenda that you "have to do", by considering your energy that is a reflection of your well-being, a priority, a self-consideration, a self-respect and love, all these being conditions to thrive, NOT survive! 


Join me in Meditation! 





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