I loved Tesla until I read this..... ''The woman is the biggest thief of that energy, and thus the spiritual power.....''

Interview hidden for 116 years....

''Journalist: What is the seventh adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: The knowledge of how the mental and vital energy transforms into what we want, and achieve control over all feelings. Hindus call it Kundalini Yoga. This knowledge can be learned, for what they need many years or is acquired by birth. The most of them I acquired by birth. They are in the closest connection with a sexual energy that is after the most widespread in the Universe. The woman is the biggest thief of that energy, and thus the spiritual power.

I’ve always knew that and was alerted. Of myself I created what I wanted: a thoughtful and spiritual machine.''..... 


..... and then my love just went up in ashes, but only for a few moments that burned a sort of loving rage, that had actually nothing to do with his statement, but with my own level of healing my past, torture and injustice for a deep misunderstood universal truth, and treated as a ''sin, witchcraft, heresy'' or other ways to label and suppress what my soul has been experiencing just like our entire civilisation...

I have learned over my trainings and meditation practice, that what you see has always a fine print that actually defines the Truth, and Mr Tesla was without a doubt, one of these grandiose minds that sensed the Absolute Truth and put it out there AS IT IS, even if the perception or belief system were always beating around the bush......


So all of a sudden, I realized that I have always loved Tesla for the Universe always found ways to shine through his work, inventions, crystals, words and wisdom..... but if I stopped loving him when I read that statement, that meant I never actually loved him, because that statement existed even before my latest incarnation, and I couldn't have loved him if I knew what he stated anyways,  .... That leads to his truth, energy and love, have no limits of space, time, and condition to exist, for love IS above and beyond our reason, but always conditioned by our perspective, limited by our personal experience, that, at times, is not healed yet..... and that is NOT love..... you were right Mr. Tesla, women are the biggest thieves of the Universal energy of Creation, they are born like that, and they always will, and loving you or not, they chose to build or destroy based on the energy that presents itself....


***On a different note, I never actually questioned my love for Mr. Tesla because he was always challenging my mind to look beyond and SEE energy and the Universe for what IT IS. ALWAYS love those who challenge you to think through, that is your only way to awaken! 


Let's get the Women's Energy Truth out naked and think about it....


Any Connection results in an exchange of energy, and that energy has different values and polarities, a connection between male aspect energy and female aspect energy has a natural result a reaction of exchange. 

By nature, the Feminine polarity of Energy has as principle, CREATION, or creation means concept, imagination, wishful, dreamy, high realms, fine frequencies, and the most subtle Power that INITIATES any phenomena of birthing energy.

Masculine polarity on the other hand owns the actual real power to manifest, provide, build, construct, lead, strategize, ground. 

There is a tangible difference between NURTURING and SUPPORTING that we never seem to grasp in our ''evolution''... Nurturing is Feminine polarity, Supporting is Masculine.

Unless we understand our natural abilities and act in a balanced way, we will never heal as a civilisation, we will never find our TRUE POWER. As Power stands in recognizing your ability and act from that perspective, and never trying to fit in, or learn, or get trained into something that is NOT Natural to you, and that is reflected in all aspects of energy.


A feminine energy, therefore a Woman, holds the power to create, physically we are designed to do so, wired and programmed to do so. We are designed to be inspired, to dream, to feel, to grasp the essence of the Universe, therefore the Spiritual Element of it, and bring that forth into this existence that is by nature a masculine aspect of life.

Life itself is a Grounding of a Soul in a Body, a manifestation of a Being, an existence that is mainly based on a Brain\Reasoning perception based on physical senses. To push the thinking forward, a Being is a manifestation of the Female/Soul and Male/Body relationship.....that is as easy to understand as it is true. The living relationships that we actually have in this lifetime are meant to bring souls together into Energy Balance just as a Body would not be a Being without a Soul, a Soul would not be a Being without a Body, but the truth is, a Soul can actually BE without a body, hence the Feminine Universal aspect of Energy. 


When a Female and a Male aspect come together, the nature of the Connection awakens a reaction, and that reaction in physicality creates a phenomenon, push/pull, complete/deplete, give/receive. Any relationship that ''survives'' is one that has found the Balance, that has understood that Female energy is here to Heal and Male energy is here to Provide. Female is made to Conceive, Male is made to Contribute. 

One of the Biggest Universal Energy Truths has been sealed on our cultural lips: behind a powerful man, there is always an even more powerful woman.... have you ever questioned the essence of that statement, for the essence is that Female Energy is the one that has a true perception of Inspiration, of Nurturing, of Healing, of Conceptualizing a reality, but the real Manifestation Power into reality is the one of a Being that embodies Male energy as that is the one making it happen, building it, moving the concept energy into a majestic manifested reality. That only happens in a Balanced and well understood relationship where the Nature of energy is respected therefore Order is created. 


Unfortunately, or maybe for evolutionary purposes, tension that has to be inflicted on the Soul of our Humanity, just so we can shine bright loooong after we suffer. The energy Polarities are perceived as ''thieves'' as in order to survive, or fit into the matrix we are trained to steal, take advantage, seas the opportunity and manipulate out of our nature, and so Female energies end up expressing power in an unnatural way, get lonely, scared and unbalanced, fitting into a system where the ''feminist movement of empowering women'' is nothing but a Big Illusion used to cripple the True Essence of our Souls.


 A woman NEEDS to see how week a Man is, in order for her to calibrate the right amount of energy to heal him, restore and maintain balance in a relationship,..... while any man NEEDS to see how crazy a woman can get just so he can measure the power to make her dreams come true! ..... Why beat around the bush another lifetime? 

VULNERABILITY allows proper measurement of healing forces. 


Find your Power in Humbleness, Understanding, Love and Your Nature.

Walk away from energy that doesn't balance you! 


Note**** some channeled thoughts will only feel uncomfortable if there is an aspect that is unnaturally manifested and still unhealed in your Energy Print. Open to Love, Heal, Evolve. 


Crystalline Thoughts channeled this day of Summer,

by Veronica\Phoenix Healing





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