Ecliptic Lunar Thoughts, Meditation....

Eclipses have been looked at, since ancient times, EITHER as "curses" upon the Earth bringing fire, darkness and punishment, OR a blessed sign from Gods of great times of Magic and Transformation, by washing away what isn`t serving anymore....


The perception of an Eclipse, weather Dark or Light was always of extreme power to bring changes, ends and beginnings. Any Eclipse, as a natural phenomena, is an "interference", a "cut off" of the connection in order for anyone to stop and look around and INSIDE, notice that the time/space loses "normality" for a few minutes, and in that interval one can be FREE to BECOME ONE with the Universe beyond Times and Spaces! Aren`t we all looking for this moment, throughout so many journeys and paths...... 


This Eclipse is a rolling down the super phenomena list happening: FULL MOON, BLUE BLOOD MOON, ECLIPSE, SUPER MOON .... 


The Earth is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE, between the Sun and The Moon, complete Alignment of forces, complete balance of Feminine and Masculine energy, and complete power of standing in the middle of ALL without twitching, being able to hold on to the upcoming new energy and being able, in the same time, to let go of what has just served and it`s ready to be released... it is a powerful moment of balance between the two aspects, as one is rarely able to receive and give in the same time, for this is what this Eclipse is bringing to the table, the ability to exist in both aspects of self and to actually maintain balance as you are doing so.


Maintaining balance in these times is a major accomplishment when it comes to personal energy, most of us are being prepared to do so by being challenged and sensitive to the amount of universal pulse that is rippling around in these days before the actual alignment. The common symptoms are "dizziness", loss of balance, heaviness, inability to see ahead or to move towards that. It seems that we are struggling to look for any kind of balance that would get us through these molasses times. Interferences are common, confusion, making bad decisions or not being able to decide, aspects insisting to be released (example of old contracts, promises or things you might have built on unstable grounds),  and one of the most common aspect is DREAMS, OMG, the dreams lately are almost unbearable in terms of the information and energy work that they bring, our subconscious and universal minds are challenged to look at the very last episodes of our soul sagas, and they are rolling onto our dream screens like we are running out of time.... and so we are....running out of time, as of now, there are 3 days left until the BIG CLOSURE. 


Any moment when you find balance, is a moment of complete exchange, complete flow, therefore CLOSURE of what has happened and preparation for a new flow, for a new step, a new cycle that defines life as it unfolds. 


The Earth will find itself standing tall between the Dark  night of the Moon and the Bright day of the Sun, no wonder these phenomena are so rare to happen - hence once in a Blue Moon - and their impact on our personal and collective energy is so strongly felt, and always bringing visible consequences in the future.


If for whatever reason you are not Physically worked out, Emotionally prepared or Mentally stable, in these times you will feel like LOSING IT ALL..... it is recommended to start moving before it will be too late, before the new wave of energy will lay another veil upon what`s weighing you down right now, bringing in consequences of inability to move forward or more chances to fail due to lack of balance at multiple levels.


Find what moves you. With no motion there is no balance. Balance means you control the movement right at the core of it, so moving your body (yoga, running, gym, any physical activity), balancing your brain hemispheres (meditation), provide best nutrients for your body, refreshing mineralized waters, crystal frequency water, anything that helps right now is under the IMPERATIVE sign. These are NO RELAXING TIMES! 


Once you have created your balance, the next step that any Eclipse is ideal to take advantage of, is SETTING INTENTION, getting inspired and reconsidering new creative ways to manifest your path ahead (MEDITATION).


Setting Intention requires balance, you cannot set intention trying in the meantime to keep your balance, then expect things to flow and unfold easily for you. Like anything in nature, there is a process and work to be put into what you want in order to get it.


I will be waiting for you in that space of a Perfect Ecliptic Time, in Meditation, in that space beyond limitations, rules, regulations and variables, I will be waiting for you there, where everything is possible if you have the Heart to Create it!


27th June, under the Ecliptic Blue Moon, Wednesday evening meditation time 7:33PM. 

Where will you be when The Earth will create its balance?? 




Recommended Crystals to use for protection, guidance, healing support, sharpened intuition and a huuuge stepping forward into the NEW TIMES: Moonstone, Black  Moonstone, Labradorite, Sunstone, Chrysocolla, Pyrite and Manifestation Quartz! 

I will actually wear them all! ;)  




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