Full Moon in Golden Light....

February 28, 2018



FULL MOON in LEO is UP and raising to 100% light, tomorrow night.

Due to its alignment, This full moon brings with it the GOLDEN LIGHT 3n3rgy, that level of healing and elevating that comes like a Cosmic Wave once with major changes of the 7niverse outside, and reflected in the Universe that we carry inside our Soul Prints.
This light is a Major and Strong activator of SOLAR PLEXUS 3n3rgy within... your body, the energy that propulses your Spirit Up and Forward... there are 2 levels of healing happening in the same time ELEVATING and FORWARDING and this MOON activates both in your body in the SAME TIME....meaning your physical STOMACH followed by the entire digestive system will be shaken, also your crown Chakra, head area and shoulders will take on the propulsing and physically will try to adapt to the new values in frequency.

Imagine that right now you feel like someone is pulling you UP and FORWARD having energy ropes attached in these 2 points to drag you... that is exactly how it feels. 

In these times, if your Head and Stomach areas are physically "under construction", suffering of low frequency energy, or recovering after an energy fall, briefly if you are not the strongest in these 2 major points that are getting the new Activation waves, you will be suffering of: migraines, tension headaches, light-headedness, toothaches, tension in shoulders, neck pain, prone to overuse "spiritual means" of following others for the purpose of  "awakening", anxiety symptoms, restlessness, digestive did-eases, lack of motivation, anger, frustration, victim of abuse. 

These times are NOT here to aggravate the above symptoms, they are a sign that these are the energy bits that need to be released, worked on, strengthen, or elevated, depending on the particular area and condition. 

But these times are here to give you the SCEPTER OF GOLDEL LIGHT, the MIDAS TOUCH, the power, the will and the Knowledge to make things happen. This Full Moon is not a good time to focus on releasing the past, but rather adopt a multitasking energy attitude of Looking at the Light ahead and letting it, as it brushes through your system, clear, clean and send your shadows behind, set your shadows as well learned lessons that are only there, behind you, to show how powerful the Sun Light shines ahead of you! 

Things to do 

- meditate on absorbing Golden Light into Solar and Crown areas

- walk under the sunset light

- wear Yellow/Gold in clothing and Crystal jewelry ( Citrine, Yellow Calcite, Golden Rutile, even Picture Jasper will do). 

- drink/eat yellow color - pineapple juice, lemon, banana, mango, golden berries, ...

- set intention into the future, prepare to start new and build from there.

- MOVE your energy, YOGA, jogging, swimming, fast walking, even cleaning the house and washing dishes - it is a form of clearing and moving energy.

- whatever you chose to do : DO NOT LOOK BACK! 

- become aware when you set intention for the future, that the energy reasons that have stopped or made it harder for you to evolve, so far, will come up to the surface in clear awareness, look at the energy for what it is and chose to deal with it, chose to SEE IT, LOVE IT, Forgive it and Elevate it. Chose to actually DO something about the awareness that you are receiving from your Higher Presence states.


These are times to MOVE your Being forward, and let the Golden Light shine your shadows behind, listening to your Higher Guidance and following the Road ahead.

Shine Gold, Meditate! 




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