SILENCE is the land where the seeds of your thoughts grow.


We live in a world where everything surrounding us, outside of ourselves, is full of EXPRESSION. The only way to move forward and to break through is to express, speak up, invent, deliver, create, re-create, destroy and re-build, all energy based on ONE aspect of the Throat Chakra: GIVING.


It`s all about finding the best way to give your energy away, to “deliver” so you can be heard, noticed, evaluated and moved forward with the flow of energy that you create with your intention, and with the manifestation of the outside help that pushes you to the next level, next best thing, a better you.


We all function the same, in different ways, but ultimately the same, EXPRESION of energy is what moves us.

But we do GIVE, and GIVE ,and GIVE, our energy away and between the lines, very fine lines, we get inspired for more, and we call that “lucky shot” because we don`t necessary sit and create it, we just instinctually catch it once a door of opportunity opens and gives us the break to sit and LISTEN!.... that`s right, LISTEN.


Being thrown in the river of life, we look like logs taken away by the waters of what we create, but never giving ourselves the necessary time to STOP, BREATH, FLOW and seriously GET INSPIRED….

That is what this world we have created misses the most: SILENCE.

That re-charging feeling, that illuminating idea that you found the essence of it all, and the big picture answer that solves all your problems, dissolves all your worries, and gives you the power to love yourself again.

That feeling can only be touched when the energy stops being spilled around by talking and expressing, and re-directs itself inward through the GIFT OF LISTENING to yourself.


SILENCE has never been about not hearing nothing, ON THE CONTRATRY, it is about hearing it all, all at once, and allowing it all to demolish you, just so it can re-construct you, and re-charge you, inspire you and illuminate you after all.


The ENERGY OF THE THROAT CHAKRA has 2 aspects, just like ALL energy, and those aspects need to balance the GIVING and RECEIVING: these are SPEAKING and LISTENING.


Have you ever heard “ a Good speaker is always a good listener”. When you lose one aspect of your Expressing Energy, you deplete yourself, you GIVE it all away, but if you don`t stop and LISTEN, you don`t get anything back, you don`t re-charge, therefore you fall and lose your spot in the rushing River of life.


Just like the Gift of your VOICE, Builds, the Gift of your LISTENING, Heals.

Re-Treating in Silence is the most powerful Gift of Healing you can get for yourself, or maybe also give another by bringing them along with you.


In Silence, you get to STOP revolving around the world, and you get to feel, see and listen to the entire world revolving around you. You get to see, to chose, to understand, and to co-create your life from a point of complete clarity and openness to receive.


In silence, you get to really Listen to your Thoughts, and your thoughts are nothing but ENERGY, the energy that you create, amplify and finally make happen.

All great writers of this new Awakening Times, are saying the same thing, CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I am offering you one way to DO IT.


If your thoughts get to overwhelm you, because you are too preoccupied living and making things happen, your own thoughts will become the bearer of your bad news, as they create a confusing reality since you don`t get to stop, listen and clear your mind.


A RE-TREAT IN SILENCE is like a gardening of your mind, where you get to stay open to all inspiring energy given to you by this vast Universe that we are ALL part of, then you get to look at your thoughts like seeds, and chose which plants, flowers or trees you want to grow. Once you chose, you have the chance to use your inspiration and create, plant your seeds, so the reality that will unfold will not surprise you, but rather fulfill you and bring purpose to your life.


Your Silence allows the seeds of your thoughts to grow and manifest your dreams.

Maybe 2 days of your LIFE are feeling like a massive pull away from whatever your daily life is expressing to be, but if you consider that these 2 days are your best opportunity to


·       get better at anything you might be doing,

·       get a clear mind by decluttering what you have piled up so far,

·       get a full potential to be inspired and change perspective,

·       get to feel LOVE for self in the deepest opening of receiving energy and healing,

·       get to see your Energy,

·       get to detox, rejuvenate, relax and re-charge,

·       get to connect with yourself in ways you never thought you could,

·       get lighter, easier and filled with Life….



then you will consider the

2 days SILENT YOGA FOR YOUR MIND RETREAT – fall into yourself, the Fall of 2018.

For details, please contact me.




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