September 3, 2018


Meditation is a state of stillness between being and changing. It is a state of living.


Every breath you take changes you, you are not the same from one second to the next, your body is not the same, your thoughts change, your emotions are different, your physical environment is continuously moving, transforming, changing, as long as you are alive you never stop....being....when you stop being something, is just because you started being something else, and so it goes on and on.... 


Every time something changes in our lives we die out of our old ways of thinking, perception and living, and we are born into new ways, into a new reality.


Births are painful because they are enticing 2 aspects that happen simultaneously, the letting go of an old umbilical connection, just because the cycle ended, and the facing a completely new energy environment that the body/mind/spirit have to adapt to, in a different way, in order to experience LIVING. These 2 very uncomfortable experiences are the foundation of change, of evolution, of life itself. 


Whenever you feel ready to make a change in your life, there is an organic need to "think about it" or to "meditate on it", …. the difference is, "thinking" about it, you impose your judgement print on your decision, "meditating" on it, you actually allow energy to show you the big picture, and you embrace Trust and Faith and Flow, and whenever you flow, you never stop nor break....


Energy is a Universal concept of existence that creates and contains your Being along with all your aspects (mind/\body/\spirit), order to make easy changes and healthy births and re-births of your Being into Life, you need to go right into your Source, that state of meditation that opens the door towards what we call the "outside of yourself", not realizing that the outside is actually where you begin, it is there that you tap into your consciousness, knowledge, and TRUTH.


It is outside of yourself that reality stars shaping, your unborn spirit, made of your thoughts/feelings/belief system patterns/conceptual aspects/spirit, is OUTSIDE of yourself and there is an "energy umbilical cord" that connects you always with the center of your being... imagine that every time you get rid of an old reality, you die out of it into a new reality that allows you to be born into a new existence as you know and understand it. There is a ripple of continuous birth and rebirth waves of energy that are generated from the Center of your Soul, all to shape you into getting deeper, better, clearer, more balanced and healthy. 


Meditative state starts when you are in between dying/letting go, and re-birthing/healing. It is that moment OUT OF TIME AND MOVEMENT when consciousness reaches supreme levels of understanding, intuition and ability to re-construct and co-create.

In Meditation you find yourself INSIDE the Umbilical Cord that connects you with the Universe, you find yourself "inside" the "outside", and that is where you can be anything you can imagine, believe, want and feel, … and that is the point where you can direct the needed energy into your life to facilitate letting go and healing. 


In meditation it becomes easier to see reality for what it is, and to make the RIGHT TURNS, RIGHT DECISIONS, BOLD LEAPS OF FAITH. 


Every change is a Manifested reality, it is a reflection of your ability to live your life. You are A Manifested Reality. 


A meditative state is the only tool you have to re-connect "outside" and clear your path "inside". 


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